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Story Commission Details

I'd be happy to write stories for you!

Please read the guidelines below before PMing me your requests. Note that times posted are estimated projections, not guarantees, and are set from the time I accept your request, not the time you send your message to my inbox. I typically post NSFW content but can write clean material if desired. I will not provide any NSFW material to users who are under the legal age. In accordance with Inkbunny's Acceptable Use Policy, I will not post any content involving human characters in sexual situations, and if that is the type of story you want then you are better off messaging me on SoFurry.


$5 for every 500 words, with a minimum of 1,500 words ($15) per commission

(<5,000 words typically ready in ~2 weeks, >10k words may take a month or longer)

A 1,500-word story would likely be a very short and basic sex scene with little backstory and light to medium dialogue, although you would get around a dozen solid paragraphs of robust description. Every 500 words after that would likely be 4 or 5 substantial paragraphs (more if smaller) and would equate to an additional sexual act in its entirety, a more fleshed-out backstory, or whatever you want it to consist of. To put it simply, you'd pay about $1 USD per decent paragraph (though bear in mind this is a very rough estimate, as paragraph sizes will vary by necessity.)

You may request minor corrections to be made for one additional draft free of charge upon completion of your story, but this is at my (the author's) discretion and if I deem the requested changes to be excessive then an adjusted price will be charged for the updated content. Requests for changes to be made long after the story has been completed may not be accepted.

Payment via Paypal is the easiest way for me to handle transactions. Full payment must be made for your item before I send you the first draft of a story; I will communicate with you if there are any delays, so please do the same for me. I will give you my Paypal email address when the first draft is nearly complete.

Before I start writing a commission for you, all I need are:

-Length you'd like the story to be (which will determine the base price)

-Character names & species, descriptions etc. (unless you'd like me to come up with those)

-Any extra kinks you want included and especially any (within reason) that you don't want to see

I can either email a first draft for you to review or simply post it, and I can either include your username in the post description or list you as anonymous.

I will place a disclaimer in the description of your story stating that the work is fictional and none of the characters represent any actual persons or figures. If you want to include an existing character in your story, I will need the character owner's consent via a separate PM on this website. If you desire a commissioned story which features cubs or any fictional underage characters in sexual situations, then I will post a disclaimer for this in the post description as well.

If you wish to cancel and I have NOT yet sent you a first draft, you will be refunded if you already submitted your payment. If you wish to cancel but have already paid & I have already sent you the first draft, it will be considered a completed work and I may not be able to refund you for it.

I LOVE writing so the more requests, the merrier! I will tell you directly if I am currently booked & what I expect your wait time to be. Go ahead, send your requests & let's make some magic happen! :)

(P.S. - I also have a page on SoFurry and FurAffinity if you'd like me to post your commission there as well. However, be aware that FurAffinity's Acceptable Use Policy forbids content containing cub/underage characters in sexual situations.)

(P.P.S. - Please also read this SoFurry journal for additional notes and a few lists of themes/kinks that may determine whether or not I am likely to post your commission to my page.)
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