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A Minecraft community rant

I'm sure everyone knows how horrible the Minecraft community is but I just wanted to say that I am extremely disgusted with some of the attitudes people have, one modder actually infuriating me and personally insulting my integrity. Frankly, I want to embarrass him, so I saved a screenshot of my post and will proceed to spitefully paste it everywhere I can, I recommend not using the mod of suck an immature child.

In fact, many of the mods I refuse to use on Minecraft are on my personal blacklist because of the way a modder acts toward people. I do not think someone who demands a modder update to the latest version of Minecraft in all caps with exclamation marks and fire emotes deserves much respect, I do not think a person who flames a modder because their Minecraft crashes deserves a second glance, but I am not either one of these people, I make an effort to be constructive even when I have little to no personal respect for a modder, for one reason or another. It seems that being diplomatic and mature has no positive effect in the Minecraft community, you're going to get sh*t from people if you flame and use textspeak and you're going to get sh*t from people if you are trying to be respectful. Quite frankly, I'd have loved nothing better than to flame this person because parts of their mod offend and disturb me, but I thought it would express this in a moderate fashion. Obviously, that was wasted effort, now I am going to proceed to paint them in a bad light.

And this idiot is not the only one. There are some decent human beings on the Minecraft forums, but some modders are just dicks for no reason, maybe dealing with the Minecraft community for long periods of time makes them bitter husks or maybe they're just as ill-behaved and uncivilized as the cunts they flame for not posting error reports and demanding fixes, but either way, they are not the kind of people I like dealing with. I use ModLoader out of need, I used IndustrialCraft because a friend wanted me to, but he had to be the one to solve the problems with it, I wanted no communication with the modder, I refuse to use any of DrZhark's mods because of the way he acted toward me when I made a simple suggestion for his mod, claiming it was as ridiculous as riding ogres, and more than half of the animals he adds are just meant to be killed for something anyway, I find that disgusting.

I will give an example of a polite and courteous modder: Xie, as well as Domino, are very polite, one reason I continue to watch their mods is because, whenever I have asked a question, they have answered not only in a neutral tone, but promptly, I could not possibly ask for more from them. I highly recommend their mods if only because they are sure to help anyone with a problem. Another example is a texture pack creator, Misa, who is fair in her dealings with her fanbase; oh, she will get mean, but only when someone accuses her of stealing, which has actually happened. (She gave someone permission to use her textures and some people mistake the owner, I would become annoyed at that, too.)

Basically, I only go to those forums out of necessity, to report bugs. Even the admins have been known to be impolite for no reason, it's no small wonder the community is so awful.

I suggest we beat some sense into those people when they come over here looking for a new game to play, nip it in the bud before it grows out of control. :P

If you're wondering, here's the thread link:

Here's an image I printscreened of my response to his reply, screenshot was in case one of the admins deleted the post, which they probably will. Why side with a decent person when the immature kid can code Java? :dodgy:

Here's my original post:

You tell me if that is deserving of this:

And here's how I replied to it:

Proof of the quote in my first image:

Also here's something one of his cronies posted, which I thought was pretty barbed...

You tell me if you think I deserve that kind of treatment.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
To be honest, you could whine much or a ton about how ppl threat you, but if you find out that ppl keep acting like dicks in your tries for talking it out, just leave the conversation and ignore them. And when that means that you've to leave a complete community, then so be it.

Also Minecraft, c'mon you know better games to play, I'm sure. |=(:3
6 years, 11 months ago
...Minecraft is my favorite game at the moment. :l It lets me build anything and has some survival elements, as well as multiplayer.

I have to go there for mod support, so I have to deal with pricks. Apparently the admins are aware of it, I'll just abuse the report button, I guess. The whole conversation got deleted by a mod, and I hope that script kiddie got what was coming to him. >:3
6 years, 11 months ago
I see....
Well do what you think what's good for you~ |=(:3
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