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alright as ya can see now that my gallery section is no longer blank because i have finally got off my rear end and got this account into gear... now bare in mind I'll also be in Deviantart since i am very active in that very spot.. two people here on Inkbunny has already found my DA account.. one is the called Venom9999 and also natedawg921.. those are the only two who managed to find my DA account by via Web browser... those two people recieved a DA watch from me for that very reason.. since those two found my DA account.. i might as well give ya My DA account so ya can see and read all of the stories i Did.. yes I am very good Story writer revolving with Sonic The Hedgehog or crossovers with Sonic The Hedgehog,,, and also my main star character of my stories,, is called by the name of Merrick Armagarro Kato and also the founder and creator to the Story series M.E.G.A Chronicles 1(which is completed BTW) and also now currently doing M.E.G.A Chronicles 2.. however.. this one however is a.. yet special project... its a crossover with sonic with a webcomics series,, thats right.. In honor of TylerDavsel's Webcomic Series Mcintots they are crossing over with sonic and co along with my characters... the series of M.E.G.A Chronicles 2 was thought up soon after the day I discovered the webcomic itself.. bare in mind.. Each episode of M.E.G.A Chronicles 2 will be followed by via the webcomic itself.. as soon as i find an opening.. the episode will be unlocked from here... each of my characters are slowly coming into one of the pools of my gallery one by one.... it will be located on my DA account.. well.. enough chatterboxing now.. here is my DA account location: https://roninhunt0987.deviantart.com/

in that very link.. you will find mini series stories and also my main series M.E.G.A Chronicles 1 and M.E.G.A Chronicles 2.. the other stories are based in what event it should be in.. some is M.E.G.A Chronicles 1 based or in between M.E.G.A Chronicles 1 and 2 or during events of M.E.G.A Chronicles 2.. well gotta end this now before my mom starts bitching at me again.. bye for now... and be sure to Watch me on DA.. thats is all

RoninHunt0987 out..

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