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[MEME QUIZ] Boy Confessions

Just because
did it, I feel interested in doing it.

Boy Confessions
1. Do you sleep naked? Always. Facilitates my capabilities of masturbation and I feel free, wearing a pajama makes me feel nervous and uneasy.
2. Do you sleep with socks on? Stopped doing so, as my feet are in VERY BAD shape.
3. Would you rather sleep alone or with someone else? Depends on mood and sexual pretensions.
4. Do you enjoy drama? Meh, I'll be straight, I CAUSE DRAMA. And no, I don't enjoy it, it's just me holding my grudges and being an aggressive sonofabitch.
5. Are you a manly man? A bit in appearance, yet not manly as in personality. To be honest, I hate manly qualities.
6. Who was the last person you hugged? My best friend, poor guy he gets depressed easily ;_;
7. Small or large package? Normal/middle, just like mine. Bigger would make me feel inferior. Anyways, it also depends on who has that package hanging, and if he can live up to my expectations with it.
8. Are you short? Unfortunately no... 1.85m tall.
9. Do you like somebody? Many... but then I realize all I feel is sexual attraction, not love, so I ignore what my heart feels and move along.
10.Does your Facebook password have to do with a boy? Nope, it involves a VERY OLD nickname I used to be called as in the furfag fandom.
11. Do you care if your socks are dirty? It gets me uneasy.
12. Do you think you’re conceited? A bit.
13. Do you dress up on Halloween? No, fuck Halloween.
14. Are you double jointed? No.
15. Where is the weirdest place you have slept? No weird places for me, fortunately.
16. Has anyone touched/smacked your butt in the past 24 hours? Cruising bars, a.k.a. buttsecks and pervs drinking stuff, yeah, got my ass touched, groped, and some idiots tried to finger it, so the answer is a definite YES.
17. Is there any type of rumor going around about you? My bisexuality is still being spreaded around, that and my rentboy behaviour. Another rumor? Yes, my physical pretensions (wanting to be girly, hipster haircut, YEAH, PEOPLE GET MAD OVER STEREOTYPES AROUND HERE!!!! >:[ )
18. Do you call anybody by their last name? NEVER. That would involve others callimg me by my last name, which I hate.
19. How many boys will read this just because it says "Boy Confessions"? Few people; despite the curious title, no one cares about my journals, and plus, there's nothing new to know about me.

I / I'd / I've...
[X] wear make up.
[ ] have cried in a movie theater.
[ ] can brush my teeth without opening my mouth.
[ ] get jealous.
[ ] think Johnny Depp is sexy.
[ ] am a JUDE LAW FAG
[ ] love to laugh.
[ ] like death/grind/black metal.
[ ] like rap.
[ ] like techno.
[ ] like country.
[ ] carry a purse.
[X] be lost without my computer.
[ ] own a Spice Girls CD.
[ ] own a Britney Spears CD.
[ ] own a boy band CD.
[X] get bored watching football.
[X] think boys are confusing.
[X] been called a bad influence.
[X] have/had a piercing other than my ears.

Come on fellas, be truthful!
1. What color is your underwear? Right now striped: black and grey stripes
2. Do you prefer light or dark haired boys? Racist mode ON: Dark-haired. I do dig gingers though, but blondes? Never.
3. Are you currently frustrated with a boy? With some, yeah.
4. What's one thing a boy can do to make you like them? I'll name more than one: Smack talk, lack of moderation, hatred towards love and preference of friends with benefits. But mostly, HONESTY.
5. Do you have a best friend? Some.
6. Have you ever had your heart broken? Despite I stopped trusting in love after my GF died, I had my heart broken before.
7. Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery? Yes, and I still think of it. I want a more rounded face, a smaller nose, I would go whitey like MJ, some fat removed from the sides of my body, relocation of my ribcage, a firmer butt, a longer dick.
8. Do you like your life? Not at all. I hate it. My suicidal agreement was already signed, I will kill myself by age 35.
Where in the fookin' hell is number 9?!
10. Has one of your friends ever stolen a boyfriend from you? No, since all the girls or boys I cared about were never potential partners.
11. Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on? No, and I wouldn't EVER do it.
12. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys? 70% Male friends, 30% Female friends.
Blargh, 13's missing.
14. Have you ever slapped anybody in the face? Yes, many people. And right after the slap, in some cases, a punch would settle things.
15. What are your biggest fears? Certain insects. Oh and the fear of me not being able to fit in the system.
16. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Yes, several times.
17. Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind? Same answer as in previous question.
18. Do you believe in the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater?" Yes, however, I take cheating as something natural for the human being, so whatever.
19. Have you ever had a good feeling about something? Hell yes, I nailed it at times, on other occassions... well, no.
20. Do you ever wish you were famous? Depends on what I'm famous at... but I care about the money. I want to move with my whole family to Manchester, that is all.
21. Are you currently missing someone? My girlfriend, may she rest in peace...

Cowboy or Gangster? Definitely Cowboy.
Preppy or Punk? Preppy looks so appalling, I'd rather have Punk.
Face or Body? Face.
Good cook or take you out a lot? Mixture of both.
Sweet or sexy? Mixture of both.
Armani or Abercrombie? Levi's :3
Contacts or glasses? It depends. Red contact glasses are WIN. Same with Hipster Glasses.

There you go, my shot at this test.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
i might just do this :3
7 years, 4 months ago

No, seriously, do eet :3
7 years, 4 months ago
lol ok and yay someone else is bisexual like me X3
7 years, 4 months ago
Bisexuality FTW :D
7 years, 4 months ago
yay!! XD
7 years, 4 months ago
1) What about wearing clothes/pajamas while you sleep makes you feel uncomfy?
2) Not sure what the problem is but perhaps washing them several times a day will help. =3
5) Do you mean you dislike overly masculine individuals? The kind that are trying to prove something or make up for something else?
8) Why would you prefer to be shorter? =o
16) Jeez, sounds like you got molested in that bar. o.o;
x) What kind of makeup do you wear? ^_^;
2) What's wrong with blonds? =O
4) You like people smack talking you with the lack of moderation? I agree with you on honesty though.
6) My condolences about losing your GF. =/
7) Size doesn't matter, just learn to use what you have properly. =p
8) Suicide agreement? Hopefully your life gets better before then and you change your mind.
16) Sorry to hear you cry yourself to sleep. =/
7 years, 4 months ago
1) It makes me feel uncomfy. Even if I wear loose clothes, I don't feel comfy while sleeping, it makes me feel as if I'm being suffocated with a pillow. This wasn't caused by any episodes of violence, just my subconscience...
2) I try to take care of my feet, but some toenails are missing, I walk a lot, I have flat feet (not the curve it should have), etc. Sleeping with socks was what caused fungus to break most of my toenails. Since age 5 I wasn't able to make new nails grow.
5) The kind of masculine people who think muscle is important, who think dominant attitudes should prevail... mostly the physically masculine individuals. I would also say that also makes them more arrogant.
8) I don't like being tall. Consider this, I want to be girly... I don't find a 6ft2in crossdresser as something girly. Plus, I am clumsy due to my height, I bump into things with my head, I don't find the tiptoeing to kiss action as something cute at all...
16) I'm a top, but I show a girly stance... everyone thinks I'm a bottom.
X) Mascara at times... some acne-hiding make-up powder too...
2) The guy with the mustache and his hatred did make them be arrogant.
4) I like people who don't hold what they think. I'm direct with what I say. I don't like wearing a mask to show what I truly am. If I'm a bad person, I'll show you that, I won't hide myself behind formality.
6) Thanks.
7) As much as I feel okay with 7in, I'd add 1 or 2 more. Even if I knew how to use it...
8) Honestly, I wouldn't want to change my mind. My life is more of a transition path. I was sent to Hell from Heaven, this life is the path I'm walking to approach Hell. That's how I see my life as.
16) Don't worry, despite several of those times were during my depression after my GF's death, others were just bollocks.
7 years, 4 months ago
2) That sucks. =/ Sorry to hear it.
8) There are tall girls out there. =3 Lots of crossdressers are tall, in fact isn't that something people like; a tall woman? Yeah, gotta be careful, I'm 6'1" so I know what you mean. But I do think when others have to tiptoe to kiss it's quite cute. =3
16) Yay for non-traditional roles! =D
4) I try to be myself too. The only masks I have on are the ones I'm subconsciously wearing.
7) But why? I'm curious if you feel this way because of conformity issues; this 'large cock' mentality is everywhere thanks to the porn industry. Bigger isn't always better as large members have their own disadvantages. Besides, an average penis size is less than 6 inches. Penis size is something you're born with and there's no real way of changing it. Enjoy what you got and worry about other things that are changeable, like physique, endurance, techniques, etc. =3
7 years, 4 months ago
8) Tall girls are only found on Central Europe, I haven't seen any tall girls near my place.
16) That is connected to the masculine nature. I'm a girly top, but that makes me still a top.
7) It isn't the porn industry, it's the boys I've been with... just some kind of envy. I'd know how to use my shamestick, but since I cum so early and have erectile disfunction (blame it on nervousness ;_;), I still can't know how to use it. I should feel okay with my size, and indeed I feel okay. It's just that I would add in some extra inches. Sure, it's gonna limit me the amount of people I'm going to fuck (scary long dick monster), but it'd be another good experience. Also, I am desperate to change those other examples you mentioned, so I'm trying to do something about that, as well.
7 years, 4 months ago
Here's another good reason to work on physique and endurance; it usually helps out with ED, though it may increase your testosterone (but that helps libido). In any case, best of luck and don't let things get you down. =3
7 years, 4 months ago
" KelperFoxWolf wrote:
1) It makes me feel uncomfy. Even if I wear loose clothes, I don't feel comfy while sleeping, it makes me feel as if I'm being suffocated with a pillow. This wasn't caused by any episodes of violence, just my subconscience...

I agree with that, though in my case, I feel like I can't move around.
7 years, 4 months ago
I used to feel the same at the beginning. Then it got more severe.
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