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My little Pony related stuff (new toys, rant, and help for a friend)

first off before I start to ramble (and i might) not sure if everyone ones heard yet but MLP:FiM toys are coming back to Mc Donalds. http://www.happymeal.com/en_US/index.html#/Toys I talked with the manager and she confirmed starting March 1st My Little Pony is going to be the new happy meal toy. she couldnt garuntee that all of the figures would be avalible on the 1st but said they would get them all each toy is 2.99 by its self (atleast here. check your local McD's to see there price) I've already set aside the cash and am gonna get 2 of each (atleast) which brings me to something I've realized. I am obbsessed with MLP:FiM. I added up what i spent on figurines and so far I've spent $127 on toys, which in my mind isnt bad. for that i got:
applejack w/DVD, Blind bag rainbowdash, 2 water color paintbooks, twilight sparkle W/ spike and (pink) celestia set, fluttershy, rainbow dash, the CMC W/cheerilee set, box set of blind bag ponies, and Pinkie Pie and Sweetie belle (AKA selene) play set. THE ONLY reason i got this was becuase it had pinkie and sweetie together which reminded me of [iconname]deathsia[/iconname] and her nightmare moon series (I.E. selene)
and I've still gotta get the freindship exspress heh. yeah its safe to say I am obbsessed with MLP:FiM I mean i've always loved My Little Pony (yes G1 - G3 its awsome) for years I've looked for MLP stuff and god was it a pain. but now oh god the amount of awsome Art and music its great

and to wrap this up I was thinking of doing a blind bag special.  $6 each which would include shipping and handling with in the US (outside may be more) this would be done to help [iconname]deathsia[/iconname] reach her goal needed for a new PC. all the money collected from these blind bag sales would go to help her (minus shipping cost). I'll do a journal of that with more details later tonight right now i gotta get sleep this puppy is tired.
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