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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales!! - Preorder Info-

4 days of  'Black Friday' and 'Cyber Monday' sales: From Nov. 24th through Nov. 27th We (Mackey and Myself) will be holding Sales for Sketches and Flat Sketches @ 25% off !!! How does is all work Please read the FAQ down below!


Q: What if I want something more than just a sketch?

A: The discount only counts on the sketch that said you CAN order something more than what is on sale, however you will only get the discount on the sketch level the rest will be full price.

Q: What if I want to get the Sketch now But I want to upgrade it later. Can I?

A: YES! You can at any time upgrade a commission you have gotten from us with very few exceptions and they are:

- If the commission was already colored as a sketch you cannot get it into inks and use the same color layer you would have to repay for the color level. However you CAN upgrade the flat sketch to a Full Color sketch ( all the shading and such).

- Paintings go from sketch to complete they do not have any levels in between.

Q: How Do I pay you?

A: Paypal, I will send everyone an invoice.

Q: Do I Have to pay before hand?

A: yes.

Q: WHY?!

A: Simple, this is a preorder and as with any of our commissions we take payment before we do work there has been too many people that have taken advantage of our good nature and gotten HUNDREDS of dollars of work then disappeared without paying. Having 3 Small children in home this is NOT something we can afford. This is how we pay all of our bills.

Q: What if I miss the Sale?!

A: We do weekly goal streams with the chance of having Sale Days and even FREE ART days on Sundays depending on how close we get to the Goal. That information can be found here: https://inkbunny.net/j/284889-Shockley23-streams-update...

Q: How many Slots will be Open each day?

A: I personally will be opening 10 Sketch slots and 5 Flat sketch slots PER DAY. (Mackey will be taking only 10 Sketch slots per day) Now IF we get through the days preorders I will open for more slots for that day and those who get those sketches/flat sketches will also get the sale price in stream.

Q: Do the sketches/flat sketches have to be Single characters?

A: No, I am Allowing UP TO 2 characters and a BG per slot.

Q: How long will these take?

A: Sketches generally take me between 15-45 mins depending on complexity of characters and backgrounds. Keep in mind if you keep changing things IT WILL TAKE LONGER! All commissions will be taken IN STREAM, and Likely I will get everyone's commissions based in (Green sketch) And Approved so that if they need to disappear they know that the commission was laid out how they wanted it and No other changes needed to be made. I can take it from there if they do go poof.

Q: My character doesn't have a Ref or any pictures of it can I still get on the sale list?

A: Short answer is No. This is Only for characters that have at the very least a rough sketch of them somewhere.
-HOWEVER!!!! Fear not. We DO Character designs they are $40/hour and generally in an hour we can get a fair bit done ( usually about a flat sketch + little odds and ends- Keep in mind this is based on complexity and amount of changes) BUT these are NOT going to be done this during this Sale time.

Q: Can I use one of your characters or your Fursona in my commission?

A: YES. There are a few limitations. The commission MUST be canon to what the characters personality is. If you are unsure if the character would act in such a way simply ask. There are a few exceptions that do not have to be entirely canon but these are limited and will be clearly stated that this is NOT how the character acts on a normal day. There are a quite a few character sets that I have yet to post so if you would like a look over them you can certainly do so, I can send you Links to many of them.

Q: Are there Fetishes/Ideas You will not draw?

A: Yes. They are EXTREMELY LIMITED. This link explains it:
For non ink bunny people:

( technically even the things on the ' Unacceptable' side can be drawn but you better have a big freaking bank account because they will be expensive AS FUCK)
Q: How do I Preorder?!

A: Follow these steps:

1. Gather character links, and have an idea of what you want drawn. YES, ARTISTS CHOICE IS AN OPTION. I have had many people ask me this seriously I do not mind coming up with an idea for the commission I only need a few small bits of info if you are gonna do this: SFW or NSFW, What are the personalities of the characters ( don't want to draw a butch type being all shy and don't wanna draw a shy type being all 'in your face')  

2. Send me A PM on InkBunny OR Discord (Momma Corgi#9698)
2b. MackeyGraphics on IB OR Discord (Shadtiger77#9186)

3. I Will get you a Quote for what it is you are wanting once the final quote has been given, I Will need an Email that I can invoice from Paypal.

4. Look for the Preorder Journal which will have the list for myself up in a couple of days. Keep in mind this is a 'first come first serve' thing. If you pop into stream ( and are on the preorder list)  before everyone else HEY you are first up.

Preorder list: https://inkbunny.net/j/298326-Shockley23-preorder-list-
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