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Would you be kind to hlp me

I have a Waccom tablet,  And  it broke last week

Any clues on how to make it work again?
You see it has worked all the time but last week I pluged in and It recognizes it as something, but not as a tablet,  the light stays on and does not change with the buttons.
When just stared the PC, the pen will work and move for like a second and then it goes death still.
So any of yall got a clue yall tablet users?  
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
re-install the drivers is all the help i can offer
6 years, 11 months ago
i can help, i had the same problem

heres what you do, my pen was a dual tip, one main at the front and a "rubber" or "eracer" on the back, with age the tip in the pen can ware out and needs replaceing, simptoms are loss of signel, not clicking, preasure not working and tottal failure...

soloution: UNPLUG THE TABLET then look at the pen tip, if it seams flat, blunt (more than normal) or wont click, try pulling the tip lightly to unjam it.

IF IT COMES OUT DONT PANIC, this is a good thing, 99% of wacom pens are designed to come out, jsut clean the tip and then reinsert makeing sure you dont push too hard, then try ageain.

this worked 100% for me but if it still fails EMAIL ME and i will help you further  

hopeing this helps
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