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Lots of Shizz and a really~ long journal.

Alrighty, first off...Kyro is going to be put up for adoption!! 8D
*ahem* I will type up his brief bio thingy below and same rules as before, if you are interested, please comment and tell me why you want him and such ^^ He wont cost ya a penny!!
Name: Kyro Alekseev
Species: Arctic Wolf
Age: 17
Eye colour: One silver and one gold
Fur colour: White
Detail Colour: Teal and Ice blue
Weight: 75kg
Height: 5ft8"
Characteristics: very flirtatious and has a noticeable Russian accent, he has a laid back attitude, but becomes very persistent when it comes to something he wants...he is very intelligent, and he is fascinated in Chemistry and how the planets work. But he saves his clever self for the bedroom when he wants to kick back and relax, outside, he is a totally different person...like a champion street dancer and one of the most eligible bachelors that most girls(or guys) melt from his touch...
Abilities: Ice elemental, he can control ice and water in any way he desires.
Family: Jazz ~ Cousin (https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=181815)
Likes: Dancing, pop and rap music, Astrology, elements, chemistry and physics.
Dislikes: Attention seekers, Fire, people who are full of themselves and weak drinks
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single, but always playing around and flirting
Piercings/Tattoo's/Scars: has the word 'лед' (Ice in Russian) branded onto his right wrist.


And to make this journal even longer...Just wanted to say, ICOULDNTHELPITI'MSOSORRY!!
*ahem* yes. I have an addiction to creating characters...^^; AND I AM CREATING ANOTHER ONE!! >8D
He may just become my male Fursona's replacement, as I have been thinking of making Shane into his own person...even though I love Shane and Ayva a lot, and I have named my stream thingy after them, done loads of pictures of them linked and stuff and~ I am pretty psychopathic sometimes...KIUWFKJWEGASKJGDF!!
*ahem* BUT-- That is just a thought...This new guy might just become a third personality of me and I can just be a freak like that >8D aha...nahh he'll probably become his own dude in the end...I have to admit though guys...THE SKETCHES ARE LOOKING SEXEHH!!

Javla Skit and I love you all,
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Oh Alrighty then I'd like to have another go at Adopting..^^
Well I do honestly Love Kyro, He has such great personality and with that his B-Dancing skills too-- I know that I could very well draw him anytime, but if he is given to me, I'll be sure to try my best to make him know around as well as it would give me good opportunities to practice with good intense b-styles and dance moves in my art--  and I'd love to try out more active works(colour works) with him too keeping him in his character..^^
I could use Him happily in my Household story-wise too, I do love how he is an intelligent gentleman-- and surely you'd always get to see him around too..~^^

---Wakaitte~ ..Anyways-- I think its nice that you want make a new character and either way it will all work out and such~  and third personalities aren't bad-- really it actually could give you a good reason to make another character if you look at it like that~.. ;P
I really bet he will look great Amii, I look forward to him..^^
---Sincerely best town Friend
Nira~ (o) ;]
7 years ago
awrrh~ haha best town friend~ *huggles* I decided to give Kyro to Winter ^^ she is going to use him in her story too, you already have so many amazing characters you dont need even more, but I knows you love Kyro ;D
7 years ago
Of course I would love to adopt Kyro-- I was workin on a... "Story" .... *coughsexcough*, but he would also be a very great addition~ xD

And as for the new guy, can't wait to see him! 8D
7 years ago
aha well i've been working on some more sketches of "the new guy" XDD and I think I might have a full one up soon ;D
oh and I wanna give Kyro to you!! 8D
I think he would do great in your *coughsexchough* story ;D
7 years ago
Really?! 8D That would be GREAT! ^^
7 years ago
Yup Yup ^^ I hope you enjoy him!! XDD
7 years ago
You never really used him. =/
7 years ago
exactly, thats why I'm putting him up for adoption. Derp 8D
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