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Because Wolfblade can say it better than I can, I'm just going to direct you to his journal
here -->  https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=29193
and quote him.


SOPA/PIPA are bad, hopefully everybody gets this by now. ACTA's potentially worse with the provisions over generic medicines.

Look it up for yourself. Read it, then read the assessments made by >actual< career professionals in the fields of the related laws.


Regardless of how bad you feel this or that particular anti-piracy legislation to be, or which one is worse, or if you think people are over-reacting to them in general (if you don't think ANY of these are anything to worry about, you're an idiot, sorry), this is still something to consider. A visible push for this, followed by a noticeable distinct drop in their profits for a full month, would be helpful in at least discouraging any of this >type< of legislation.

I hate the ignorant juvenile entitlement attitude that tries to justify piracy. But existing copyright laws ARE sufficient to deal with the bulk of piracy. Megaupload made that clear. The one-day internet blackout got enough notice for congress members to see they wouldn't be able to pass this crap unnoticed. But to really get rid of this kind of crap, the MPAA has to be given a reason for them to want to back off on trying to control the internet. Money's all that talks to them.

Is a single month really that long to go without movies? God Forbid you miss the fucking Tim & Eric movie, or the remake of Jump Street. 9_9 DVDs will still be there to pick up later, too. Keep buying music from individuals though - more and more artists manage their own itunes sales, so shift your money in their direction.

Alternatively, consider it a financial experiment - give yourself a more tangible awareness of exactly how much money you burn on this stuff in a month, and maybe see if there's better places for that money to be going, like bills or savings.

Remember: this is NOT about telling actual creators that they can't get paid for their work, or giving the finger to IP rights in general. The current IP laws are about as fair as can be expected while maintaining a balance between the concerns of producers and consumers. This is about hurting the wallets of the big industry to back off on trying to restrict EVERYBODY'S rights rather than just focus on the actual distributing pirates that are the problem. If people stop buying stuff for just a month, but just go and pirate it instead, it'll only give them MORE ammo to overblown claims of piracy needing excessive response. Don't buy it, don't download it either. Sales AND downloads need to take a big hit for the right message to get across.
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