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first an update.
S under D the original series is being editted may need a pro reader since i seem to miss alot of mistakes. if you want to be a proof reader just send me a pm.

Sorry for the delay in the academy.I had to do alot of planning and layout of my S under D stories. So the academy was delayed a bit. I should have it out by weekend or early next week.

Also i am happy to annouce the New arc's i am writing. most of them have been planned out so i hope to get them out after my finals later this month. here are the details

S under D: Exile (Follows Jeff and Robert as they deal with ben's suicide)
S under D: Party Flavor (Follows Josh, Henry and Dylan as they attend some parties on a small break in fall)
S under D:Punishment( Jake and Jason get thier punishment for running away and also deal with thier failure)
S under D: Conquest( The continuation of the original story)
S under D: The Forgetten Enemy ( Leon, Nancy and Cindy continue thier investigation of S under D)
S under D: Conquers gather ( the pre arc to conquest which will tie in all the other characters.)

6 arc's planned. So that brings the total to 8 arc's. each will be 3-10 chapters of varing length. The arc's will come out as the academy progresses so around chapter 5 of the academy expect a flury of these stories. i have written a few pages for each of them.

I also have 2 Chapters of The boy with the golden core finished just doing final editting expect them tommorow or later tonight.

Nevial University is really really delayed. the chapters are twice as long as Nev city and i lost most of my work on it when my computer got wet on vacation. speaking of nev city. chapter 9 is 3 months delayed. I will get around to finishing that up soon.

Bonus content is having a valentines day special and i will be including anyone who wants thier fursona in it. Just link me to a reference and description of it.

Now I shall rant

my mom did such a huge injustice to me the other day by finding a copy of a play i wrote when i was 9. when she read the play over the phone i realized that my play writing skills and story writing skills were so much better back then. Better vocabulary andbetter dialogue. of course they are nothing like i am writing now since i switched from science fiction and mystery to anime and erotica. She then made me feel even worse about my writing when she said she found a book i wrote a mystery story in. it was so well written most people loved it.

compared to what i use to write my stories here are very very sub par.  the only reason i continue to write is because i am seeing a huge improvement from when i started writing my nev city stories to now. I am going to continue to improve my stories until they reach the level they were when i was 10 and 12. when my stories sometimes required a dictoinary to read. or an eynclopedia.

I am not liking my character development and protrayal. You will notice it in the upcoming chapters with Bryce.

So to conclude this long rant. More S under D arc's underway. Nev city and Nevial university are delayed. TBWTGC is coming out with 2 chapters. Sign up the valentines day bonus content. and i am utterly laothing my current writing style.

Good night and thanks for reading
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