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It's kinda shit (a game review)

well I recently broke down and bought a copy of final fantasy XIIII-2 for the PS3.

Why did I do this? Well first things first up untill recently final fantasy has been one of my favorite RPG's. Granted I have been more and more disapointed with it since final fantasy 9 (the last one worth playing, im sorry if you disagree) But I still have hope for the games. They shaped allot of my RPG loveing youth.

Sadly since 9 each of the games as tried to reinvent the RPG and failed to do so well, allot of the mistakes are covered for by there prestigious name, but I dont feel thats a very good excuse.

I had high hopes for ff 14 and due to that, I allowed myself high hopes for ff14-2 why you might ask? well I tell you.

Because I was hopeing ff14-2 would do the same thing ff X-2 did, and fix what was broke!

I hated ff X it was a weird ass plot, the characters were all annoying the entire world had an unpleasant, tropical feel to it. None of the elements I look for in an RPG. the battle system was a pretty good continuation of FF's ATB System but lets face it, Between Tidus SPEAKING Yuna whispering....softly...and Waka Just BEING ALIVE this game was on bad terms with me from the start.

Still I could forgive all that but the sphere system killed what little there was left in the game for me.

So dispite several attempts I couldn't force myself to slog through a game I disliked playing that much just to enjoy the story. Thats a Shame I know, because despite being weird and stuff FF X is known to have a very good overall storyline. The world was original and in that capacity interesting.

FF X-2 I actually beat, because it managed to fix the annoying characters issue, tuned up Yuna's personality and gave me a freaking counter balance to Rikku's Eternally chipper attitude. (thank you for Payne SE)

the game SHINED in it's Dress Sphere system which brought back my very favorite job system and tuned it up for a faster paced combat style. the only thing that sucked about this game, was it was to short, and the story was weak. The game itself was infinitely more fun to play through then FF X

I found the same experience waiting for me when i first played FF 14 the story was fun (and this time around the characters were actually interesting) but the game play was TERRIBLE!

Yes combat is fast and fluid but you don't feel like you have any control at all, you have marginal control over what ever character is currently the leader and everything else is all AI heck the battles move so fast you should just click auto battle most of the time, the AI is good enough to allways pic the best moves for any given situation.

Tape the button down on the controller and go get a Soda! Done!

Thats terrible battle design. The levels were linear and once again they anally raped the traditional RPG fan by taking away the level system thats right, no ability to grind to increase your strength. You raise your power in a far more nebulous way and the game actually caped you based on were you were in the story so some bosses were almost impossible.

I hoped they would have fixed that for 14-2 but nope, same damn game, less interesting characters, faster battles then before, less interesting story.

Pass this one up, unless you loved 14, this is not worth your time.  I am now stuck with a game I hate, because the internet lied to me and collectively game it an 8/10 rateing.

Im afraid RPG's as we know and love them are changing or dieing out entirely, I know Final Fantasy sure as hell seems to be dead. Along with most of the other long running RPG's I love.

I think im finally wholly done with final fantasy. Im going to try to slog though this as far as i can, and pray it gets better but i think i wasted 60 bucks.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
... it's uh, FF 13-2. Not 14-2. FF14 is their new MMO =3

But honestly, I felt ripped off when I for the first FF13 game. So I refused to buy the second one because, well, you can't fix something that's unfixable =/.
7 years, 4 months ago
If I may Interlude, the world of the RPG has changed exponentially, more or less the Turn based system is dead. Some may argue that it isn't or don't want it to but it has. But the RPG is still very much alive to a point, what I think your really talking about is the "JRPG" and it's true, JRPG's have been coming across as weak, or just plain weird for an american audience. Some instances being the latest Star Ocean and Resonance of Fate(Both of which I liked for hte most part). But overall games like Mass Effect and the Elder Scrolls has kept RPG a viable genre. Tastes have just changed.
7 years, 4 months ago
Elder scrolls and Mass effect are good games but there weak as far as RPG's go at least in my court of law they are. Mass Effect is a brilliantly designed Story Driven Shooter, with strong RPg elements, but there's very little in the way of actual Role playing development So I wouldn't call it a full on RPG regardless of what Bioware would like to think it is. It is a good game though.

Elder Scrolls is a RPg at it's core, though it's never had an approach I could just fall in love with, i will give it credit for being one of the most, truly innovative and original takes on the RPG genre i have ever seen.

I LOVE a good traditional RPG or Jrpg were the stroy is king, and and the charicters are interesting, the world is ritch and HUGE and it's there for me to explore, when im ready. The problem is the more sophisticated most RPG's become the more linear there level designs and the smaller there worlds end up feeling. with a notable few exceptions (skyrim) this is quickly becomeing the norm. RPG's are allso getting shorter, much much shorter, and thats IMO a bad thing. I miss my 60-70 hour Epics. Whats up with these 20-40 hour RPG's like a piss in the bucket.

i'll continue to give this game a chance I at least owe it to my pocket book to try XD but Western Rpg's tend to lack something for me more often then not and lately, the JRPg's have all been HORRIBLE or boreing one dimentional attempts at recycleing the same old stuff. Yeah I realize your going to end up saveing the world in the end but thats no excuse not to have a decent story.

Look at Tales of the Abyss, for the playstation 2. This is a perfect example of a Jrpg. You got your usual cast of characters and so on and so forth but they made every one of them interesting, the story while following an old formula is very well done and the world in one of the mos interesting and original ones I have visited in recent memory. it;s allso large, botht he world and the game. And it's very good at makeing you THINK your about to beat it in your first playthrough only to say "GOTCHA! your only about half way through =p"

Man I hate to bitch about it and stuff i just....Really miss a really engrossing RPG experiance. I very rarely find them.
7 years, 4 months ago
Skyrim takes around 150-200 hours to finish the whole game. If you think 70 hours is an epic, you're slightly wrong Kevin. 100 hours is more of an epic. 70 hours is just a good game. 30 hours is rather a £12 grocery shop game rather than an RPG

By the way, 14 is XIV. 4 is IV
7 years, 4 months ago
It took a friend of mine 200 hours to 100% his FF12 save (including all hunts). I haven't done that yet.

And in 13, if you don't dynamically change your paradigms in response to changes in battle, you won't be able to beat certain bosses unless you just grind to max level in order to beat them down by brute force (and even that won't necessarily work). 12 was kind of bad for that, since once you got to a certain point and had the right options, you could work out a gambit system that literally ran without needing you to do anything most of the time (except maybe boss fights), so you could just walk around and let the computer fight.
7 years, 4 months ago
12 wasent bad, I genuinely enjoyed it the story was weak as hell but the game play held up.
7 years, 4 months ago
Interesting reading !
I loved Final Fantasy VIII (Squall & Friends :D) - but I never played any other FF I must admit...

Here's hoping it actually gets better and you did NOT waste the money ;)
7 years, 4 months ago
TL;DR of this large journal, in kevin's opinion:
FFX-2 - Good dress sphere system, RIKKU IS A HO, Payne has nice tits.
FF13-2 - You'll want a refund.

Also, SE made FFX-13 and 13-2 as sort of side-projects to see if they could attract more customers from other games with a more intuitive, more interesting and more involving battle system, than just clicking a button and taking turns. They weren't expecting everyone to agree with what they did... and i dont think they care much, they give us games and we play it because we love final fantasy.

I'm so sick of hearing everyone moan about things in games, you stated you didnt like ff13, so why in god's name did you buy the second one?
I just think everyones jumped on the bandwagon of slagging everything off lately.. its pretty irritating to me..
7 years, 4 months ago
I enjoyed the game and still am personally, It's extremely fun and the characters were rather nice. While their were a few minor things that I would have liked and didn't see what game dosn't have that kind of thing. The game is very fluid and with the way you go through things. (The Gates) and where you can go it was a nice twist to it, while I personally think it's great I just think that people are looking over a lot of stuff personally.

Also wanted  to say something about the review, It wasn't your review that gave it 8/10 it was another's and not everyone or every group of people have the same desires or wants. It's rather unfair to say they lied to you. =P

RPGs arn't dieing out, just gotta remember things are different now then what they were for you and me when we played RPGS way back when. A game has to sell these days and if the overall gaming community is changing so do the games so they can keep making money and a living. Games have to have a more visual appeal then a Lore appeal these days or at least 80% of the time to keep people happy. If the game has great lore and bad appeal to someone it would be less likely to sell.

Final Fantasy 14 though the MMO was a example of a both heading in the wrong spot for a MMORPG. Cause it was entirely rushed and half assed, but Final Fantasy 12 and 13 were amazing, it held a good story. Final Fantasy 10 I guess all I can say is each to their own. It fit a world over a 1000 years into the future after almost being ended by Sin.
7 years, 4 months ago
I looked into several different reviews before making the purchase. Honestly the story is weak, the charicters are bland compaired to the origenal cast the worls is at least, more open thats nice.

Honestly I could like this game more but ff13 and sadly 13-2 have the weridist, most asinine combat systum I have ever used. It is honestly boring as hell and frustrating because i feel like there's little strategy or control. It doesent need to be turn based one of my favorite RPG legacys are the Tales games and there definatly not turn based. I just miss being able to level up and up on new gear to improve myself.

It's just this combat systum, and the way they level up, turns my stomachache XD I could like this game allot more if it diddent work so hard at making my characters feel inept.
7 years, 4 months ago
What I liked on FFX was the Sports competition. Still if fun to play.
7 years, 4 months ago
You mean Blitzball? Yeah I loved that part, I would even buy a game based solely on Blitzball if they added the extras needed for a stand alone game.
7 years, 4 months ago
Blitz ball was the Best part of that game.
Even if it was physically imposable XD
7 years, 4 months ago
" ScottyKat wrote:
Blitz ball was the Best part of that game.
Even if it was physically imposable XD

Impossible? Two words
Jecht Shot
Aurouchs Spirit
7 years, 4 months ago
lol i was going for the fact that this is a  game that requires gills.... no one swim that fast,
ball physics in water dont work that way.. and that's just the start.. I never saw the Aurouchs Spirit
7 years, 4 months ago
" ScottyKat wrote:
lol i was going for the fact that this is a  game that requires gills.... no one swim that fast,
ball physics in water dont work that way.. and that's just the start.. I never saw the Aurouchs Spirit

As for underwater breathing the liquid could be perfluorocarbon (used in liquid breathing like in The Abyss) and a ball could be set to neutral buoyancy so that it would have to be carried or propelled by an outside force.

As for Aurouch's Spirit it's a Wakka only move that adds all original members of the team's Shoot stat to Wakka's
7 years, 4 months ago
And as far I remember, FFX was the FIRST FF game where the actors DID SPEAK. That was what did bother me with FFVIII. An ingame movie, where they were talking and you had no clue what they were talking about.
7 years, 4 months ago
I enjoyed all the FF games, didn't care for 8 but I played it through and watched the end. 9 was amazing, it made you work for every bit of everything you wanted out of the game and essentially the challenge is what I love. I really like 10, it was nice to me, and I love playing blitzball. X-2 was puke for me, couldn't get the hang of the game play and the story seemed so random. Never played 11 because it was the MMO you had to pay for, pay monthly to play, and then pay even more to make more than one character. Then I played FF12 and it was at least fun visiting Ivalice once again, seeing Bangaa and Nu-Mau in 3D really brought out their sexiness. So, as for 13 and 13-2, I don't think I'll waste the money on, unless it gets to like $20 and I just want something new to play.
7 years, 4 months ago
I stopped playing after FF10. I started with 11, but the games were getting tedious and boring. And too easy. Like you said. Hit the attack button and be done with it.
7 years, 4 months ago
I find it funny that they dont get that they are doing it wrong.
i'll Give them that FF12 was actually decent.. if the license system is retarded,
But they dont quite get that deep character development with characters you LIKED,
 a story that makes sense, Villains you love to hate (hail Kefka), a fun combat
system that is not so complex that you need to have it play for you (bad sign)
or even a turn based system with a nice twist (chrono trigger's dual and triple techs
for example) is really  all you need for a good Rpg's base.

They also seem to be leaving out large explorable world maps with hidden dungeons
and treasures. Plenty of places to add difficult (but not impossible) puzzles that require
thought or creativity to solve. with items that are worth gathering not because of some
fetch quest, but because it gives you an item to aid you, or a lost spell, or a summon.

AND DEFINITELY not some stupid retarded "Achievement unlocked.. You wasted 3
hours of your life to get a pointless achievement that wont add anything to the game."
And really whats killing the industry more then anything else is the way games are
rushed out incomplete. Then again. they pay them horribly.. Giving them half their pay
at the beginning and the other half at the end. Encouraging a rush job to meet some
stupid deadline and mainly out of fear that someone else will beat them to cloning
the same game 15 times...

We need to get the corporate execs out of our gaming companys.
7 years, 4 months ago
Final Fantasy was dead to me at 10.
Fuck their obsession with making it fast paced and
sparky shiny new.. I'll be playing breath of fire. (except dragon quarter)
or wild arms. Now those Are some REAL jrpgs. OH and Star ocean
Tales Of... and Shin Magumi Tensei rpgs... Fuck Final Fantasy.
It needs to Listen to the FINAL part and END.
7 years, 4 months ago
I understand and respect your opinion first of all.

I liked FFX because the people spoke it gave it more depth to the world, it allowed then to have the small tweaks and inflictions in their tones that suggested their true emotional state. Wakka was supposed to be the annoying/comic relief one, like Zell from 8, Quina from 9, Yuffie from 7, etc. and as for Yuna she is supposed to be soft spoken she was raised to be a healer and a human sacrifice after all. In FFX-2 it showed the confidence she gained from her time with Tidus.

FFXII was fun because of the seamless area borders ha really made it feel you were traveling. Even though I do miss free flying around with the airship (RIP Invincible the last free flying airship in FF) I did enjoy the small attention to detail they put into the environments and how the monsters acted in each.

FFXIII My main complaint is it was to linear.

FFXIII-2 Haven't played but since I have Gamefly I can try before I buy

FFXIV Haven't tried.

FFXI Love it I'm a Galkan Red Mage.

7 years, 4 months ago
I liked ff9 but I also liked ff13. I will admit that the characters are pretty retarded(Except for Sasj hes awesome). I actually enjoyed the battle system to 13 instead of 12. 12 was just boring as hell, talk about not controlling your characters. The gambit system really accomplished this. The only way to do the final attacks in 13 for each character is to select them manually. Later on swapping out different paradims had to be done very fast, faster than manual input would allow for that long of time. I would not want to input those commands manually that fast for something simple as "use an ice spell on a fire bomb over and over." But when it comes down to it 9 is still better.
7 years, 4 months ago
Personally I agree on some parts in that, I hate 12, 13 and won't touch 13 x-2, but I have to say I hated 8 (Just didn't do it for me), 7(Had a good idea for the game but it didn't fulfill it with me, i didn't even finish it). 9 was great! I loved the whole thing, and 10 is my all time favorite, an interesting story that deepens as you play, blitzball, and the aeon system=<3!!!! X-2 just completed the story in my opinion with the secret ending and the spheres and all. I'll digress here, yeah I agree on everything after x-2 and some of the older games like the GB ports and such that don't hold up well.
 Hope you get your moneys worth or you can at least trade it :3
7 years, 4 months ago
Star Wars KotOR was one of the best and last good next gen ARPGs for me.
If I could make any kind of oppinion and it would matter, I say that KotOR was easily a very lovable game. The battles were amazing (lest you be ranged, then, youd be boned,) the story was creative in its own piece. The character alignment actually changes depending on your actions (tell your buddy about another buddy fucking a space goat or something, and he'll eventually turn sith and try to kill you)

I think that most games are so busy trying to make a masterpiece when one has been out for years.
FF XIV = ... well.. lets say I saw a review on the internet that showed an entire 16 player stike force butchered by a LADYBUG.
Also, uncreative. most areas are recycled. you will see the same rock and tree 43 times in the starting areas ><
And appearantly, fights can last forever and feels very "WoW"-ee.
Try Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Its kinda a turnbased rpg, but at the same time, you need to strategize mid battle to keep all units alive, and every fight is its own scenario. Vibroblade battles, LS battles. They look amazing. they block and dodge eachother, they slyly try to slip in supers. It got pretty damn cool!
Movement is free, and you can stop time to plan things out at your own pace. I like this, because if you think theres a grenade next to you, stop time and look around, go "Oh Shit!!" then resume and hit the deck.
7 years, 4 months ago
Heh :s Yeah, mainstream reviews are a bit difficult to go on these days. my view is that 8/10 is kind of the new 5/10 in most reviewers books.

I got to thinking about this last night. They need to either develop a more abstract way of scoring these things... or just bite the bullet and change the scale they mark by, so that 8/10 actually means "better than 80% of the other contemporary games right now"

Personally I'm thinking that a comparative system would work... Build up a ladder of all of the games you've reviewed and slot the game in where it fits...

But yeah, :) Thanks, I'll steer clear of it.
7 years, 4 months ago
I bet we can count on Kevin to buy Tales of Graces F on March 13 then?
7 years, 4 months ago
Yes and no. I have a love hate relationship with the Tales games. Most of them are, at least ok, while some of them rise to the very top of my favorite RPG's list. So far NONE of them have been as good as Abyss, but im hoping.
7 years, 4 months ago
I've pretty much only heard bad things about FFXIII and FFXIII-2. The only ones I played are I, II, III, and XII. Twelve was quite neat actually, haven't finished it yet. Also, FF Tactics Advance. Played that too. Felt a bit weird, but an enjoyable game nonetheless.
7 years, 4 months ago
If you enjoyed X-2, and didn't like 13-2, then I guess I have to get 13-2.
7 years, 4 months ago
allow me to clear something up first.

I hated 1- for reasons other then what one might consider poor game design. I was not a fan of the story or most of the charicters. It was still a uniqe world and im hereing rumers they might be remakeing it. Who knows mayeb i will give it another shot. FFX was one of the best in the series by most fan's count but by mine it was one of the worst and thats just a person preference thing.

I just dislike leveless systums though in ffX's defence there systum actualy allowed you to grind and grow stronger and so on. If you had trubble with a boss, update your gear and pimp out the grid and you should do ok. in 13 and 13-2 if your haveing trubble with a boss, no amount of pimage will help you you have to figure out the exact paradigm pattern the dev's intended for you to use. Im mostly just pissed that i feel like i have little or no control over the charicters. But I will COntinue to give the game a chance.
7 years, 4 months ago
I gotta admit that I really enjoyed the fighting system for FF13.  I thought everything was pretty much crap (story, characters, levels), but I loved the very exciting method of fighting.  Most menu JRPGs are about one thing: Fight.  Sure, you can heal or use that high level magic or something, but I can't really say that it's an enticing part of the experience for me.  13 simplified it sure, but that's fine because they just replaced clicking on "fight" with doing it automatically and replaced clicking on heal with choosing the right stance.

It's been a while since I played, I think I did some grinding in there, pretty sure you can level up and make things easier for yourself.  That being said, I'll agree that sometimes you would lose in battle and it would be chance.  Same strategy, different outcome, which made things a bit random.  It did bother me, I thought it was a pretty big shortcoming.  That being said, it's one thing I would hope is resolved in the second iteration.

Now, with all that said, I really want FF to return to a class system.  9 was one of the best for that reason, or better yet, Chrono Trigger with its double and triple techs.  That's what they should be aiming for.
7 years, 4 months ago
13 was too hallway, I'm glad 13-2 isn't as hallway.
8 was pretty good, but everything after 9 was garbage. Enix was awesome. Square was awesome.... Squeenix? Sometimes when you mix two good things, you don't get Reese's...

Then again, the idea of companies as stable groups is a farce, pretty much no one from the good old days of either is still around. Once Nomura got too much control... Best practice is to find out who made your fav games great and follow them instead of the company.
7 years, 4 months ago
Watching both my mates play through 13. Great eye candy, but I'm just not into that series. They both seem to like it so far, but I'm somewhat reluctant to buy them 13-2 based on criticism.
7 years, 4 months ago
honestly nither game is BAD just...this combat and leveling systum drive me up a wall. I dont like them
7 years, 4 months ago
Stop buying games brand new! That's my first suggestion. You're litterally gambling with your money because if you don't like it there are very few places that will allow you to return it. So stop buying a gamble! It's a shitty investment. Don't buy anything you can't try first.

That said.. I did like Final Fantasy 12. o.o; But yeah, FF9 was great! ^_^ FF7.. eh. =p
7 years, 4 months ago
Play Disgaea and grind for eternity.  No seriously, I'll be waiting to invade your netherworld if you pick up 4
7 years, 4 months ago
I have to say Final Fantasy died at 9. Now there just kicking a dead horse and its sad. I played the living daylights out of 7 and 9 when i was younger. But there just taking what it was and pissing on it. And sadly most RPG's are not anything near as good as Final Fantasy was. Mass Effect is amazing. But most games r just not the same hour consuming story that they used to b
7 years, 4 months ago
Don't trust the internet =P I'm always checking various sites too see the game's rating.
7 years, 4 months ago
If you hadn't noticed most review sites aren't worth looking at to find games worth buying since they can be easily bought out by the game company to giving them a good review.

But just like any other FF fanboy they will still buy the latest and newest drivel clinging to the small little hope they maybe... Just maybe... It'll get better. LOL nope.
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