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Website is taking a lot longer than I thought. Plus getting sick the last few days and not being able to do anything but sleep kinda added to that slowness. I had THOUGHT that I would have been at least able to work on commissions, but apparently not. Today I will see ho far I can get with the website, I hope to get it done but we'll see how things go. Tomorrow though I will be taking a break from website (if I can't manage to get it done) to working on the commissions I need to get done, as well as see how far I can get in the edit of my next chapter and work needed for my next comic page.

Also, I'm sorry about not being around to respond to PM's/e-mails, I will get to those asap.

As for the website it's looking pretty good so far, all I can do on my end in concerns to the layout is done, and I was at least able to make it navigable until I get the layout exactly how I want it. (the rest is being left to my friend who know much more about websites than me) there are a bunch of broken links right now, as all of my chapters from my various series I had been writing got completely messed up when I updated wordpress and it's plugins, so I had to delete all of them, I am right now in the process of uploading all of those once again, as well as all of the comic pages that need to be uploaded (right now Raven Wolf is the only comic up to date) Then once that's all done, I can hopefully get to the character pages, the image gallery and the online store.


Feel free to take a look =) Join the forums, talk, read new stories, check out some of the other things I spend all my time working on, also if you run into any problems or see any glaring issues to post about them in the forums so that I know what needs to be fixed and can get right to it.
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago

Wishing you a speedy recovery

.............(unless the doctor's a hottie!)
7 years, 5 months ago
i tend to hibernate around this time of year myself,  so don't stress about it  take it as part of the natural cycles of life
if you are sick that is your bodies way of telling you you need REST! plenty of fluids and elderberry syrup should have you on the mend. elderberry syrup has proven anti viral properties and tasted better than nyquil
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