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Leeches, moochers; or whatever you perfer

They live among us in society... those who choose to coast by in life and find ways to have things handed to them instead of working hard to obtain it themselves.  Heck almost every group of friends has at least one in their ranks.  They have many nicknames: leeches, moochers, squatters; burrs... but they all do the same thing- they charm people into getting all friendly with them, then they latch on and basically live off those same people; milking them of time and money just so they can get what they want.  These type of people completely dependent on others just to survive.

If you know just what to look for, these freeloaders are pretty easy to spot- they are usually a friendly type of person that takes quite a shine to you almost right away.  At first they act all chummy with you, complimenting you on things and stroke your ego some.  However after a while, they begin to make their move.  At first it seems harmless- a simple request to help them write something or aid them in something like buying a soda.  Yes they start out small, but soon things get more demanding.  They start asking for money loans to help them get or do something, and even say that they will pay you back when they can; but instead ask for more.  And if one lives with a person like this, they will observe that these freeloaders tend to eat them out of house and home; and that things tend to end up missing at times.  These leeches even infect the internet.  They set up shop at public chat sites, then start to charm other users by automatically befriending them from out of the blue and stroking their egos; and at times will even set up journals with some kind of sob story to make people all teary-eyed and take petty on them.  An example of one of these little journals could be like "Please help!  My unemployment check didn't come this week, and the rent on my apartment is due!  If you can, please spare me some funds so I can pay my rent and not be thrown out on the streets with no place to live! T-T"  All these are is just scams to wring money out of innocent people.

These type of people sicken me.  They do nothing but laze about and do nothing while those who devote blood, sweat, and tears into a job so that they may earn their living do all the providing for them.  We work hard for the things we want in life, while they hold out an open hand and quiver their lip to get people into giving them what they want.  Hell these moochers don't even have lives of their own, because they live off of us!  Without us to feed off of, these parasites can't do a damn thing and soon die off.

If it were up to me, I would squash these bugs and make their lazy asses work.  Hell I would even threaten them a bit with stuff like "So you think you're too good to pull an 8hr shift 'eh?  Then let's see if putting you on an Amish farm and making you sleep among the swine will change your tune..."

Heck that's what we need to do!  We need to gather up all the freeloaders and dump their sorry carcasses in the middle of fucking nowhere and be done of them for good.
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
There's another word for that: ACTA supporting bottom-feeders. Don't they have enough money? If you can afford a private jet with your salary, why mooch more in a lawsuit?
7 years, 2 months ago
Exactly. Its greedy plain and simple.
7 years, 2 months ago
That behavior from them would cause the french revolution in america.
7 years, 2 months ago
I live in America and I can tell you most Americans are lazy and complacent. The recent laws that Obama has been trying to pass are traitorous to the US Constitution and 20 years ago we wouldn't hesitate to get rid of someone like him but now...American Idol is on.
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