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MLP Artist/Writer FAQ meme

[iconname]deathsia[/iconname] created this meme for pony artists/writers, and I thought It would be fun to do ^////^

1: When did you get into the My little pony friendship is magic  fandom?

          Midway into the first season. I dont know the exact date.

2: How long have you been drawing/writing My little pony friendship is magic  related works?

          Almost as long as I've been a brony. First pic I draw was of my pony self, Gemmery.

3: What is your favorite My little pony friendship is magic episode?

          Oh jeez... I would have to say mabie Hearth's Warming Eve. But I'm not entirely sure, It's hard to choose just one ^^;

4: Who is your favorite pony?(This can be any pony in the show)

          TWILIGHT!  (or Derpy on some days)

5: Is there a pony you can relate to in the show?

          Probobly Twilight. I'm smart, socially akward, and a little bit of a bookworm.

6:  If you said yes to question number 6, then could you please tell us how you can relate to the character?

          See question 5.

7: ____is the best pony.(fill in the blank below)


8: How often do you watch Episodes of My little pony friendship is magic?

          I watch every new episode the day they air and I watch old episodes whenever I'm bored. XD

9: Would you say that your obsessed with ponies?

          My computer, PSP, and iPad are filled with pony media, I have pony posters on my walls and 80% of the clothing I own have ponies on them. Yes, I think that qualifies.

10: Do you own any My little pony friendship is magic merchandise? If so, what kinds do you own?

          I have a few toys/figures, no custom pieces. and a Canterlot blanket.

Time to be honest people!

11: Do you find any My little pony friendship is magic character sexually attractive?

          Twilight = HAWT!!!

12: If you could, would you sleep with the My little pony friendship is magic character you mentioned above?

          Sure, If she liked me back...

13: What would you do if you woke up one morning and you were in Equestria?

          If I were still a human I would hide and make sure nopony ever saw me.
          If I were a pony I would go straight to the Library for obvious reasons.

14: If you could be any specie from the My little pony friendship is magic universe, what would it be?(This is not limited to pony specie.)

          I'm an earth pony who sometimes wishes he was a unicorn.

15: You're given a once in a life time opportunity to live in Equestria as a pony specie of your choice, would you take the offer?

          Depends on if I could go back.

16: If you said yes to question 16, Would you have any special conditions for taking this offer?(i,e: Profitable fashion designer, owner of a library)

          The power to travel to and from the real world and Equestria.

17: What would your cutie mark be?

          Gemmery's cutie mark is a diamond, but my cutie mark could also be somthing to do with music.

Lets get personal

18: Do you pleasure yourself to your own fanfiction/art that you write/draw?

          Naw, my stuff isnt good enough.

19: If you responded with yes to question 18, how often?

          I clop once every other night to other ponies art.

20: Do you have a favorite fanfiction/artwork you enjoy yourself to the most?

          There is this one pic of Twilight that always gets me going  here. Boy I sure am obsessed with Twilight XD
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
Well this is quite an interesting meme, and sure it gave me a couple of surprises

Twilight Sparkle eh? You have Nice Tastes Zed~
7 years, 5 months ago
you should do it too :p
7 years, 4 months ago
i fucking love twilight also!!!! *high-hoof* keep up the lovely work :3
7 years, 4 months ago
What do you mean your art isn't good enough. It's great art.
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