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Conceal Handgun Class

Well I finished my Conceal Handgun Class today.  Starts out I went over to the class area its out in the boonies with no signs listing where it is...Thankfully got out there early I was about 1 hour early to the class and the instructor didn't show up till about 15 min till the class starts.  He was able to do my fingerprint cards before class began.  He didn't want us bringing our hand guns into the building since there was no place to lock them up...yet when the other students arrived he never told the others to leave theirs in their vehicles.  The next few hours was rambling on that people have to go to a GUN store NOT Pawn shops or anyplace else.  I bought my handgun at a pawn shop they contacted the company ordered the handgun and i got a brand new one.  Also the instructor said you have to buy the most expensive ammo you can find.  He showed off some 124 Grain Hollow points he uses in his Spring field XD.  He said they are ok to use  costing about 1.25 per bullet.  

He was explained about the laws and responsibility that we as handgun owners would have.  when any of us  brought up more recent information he just shrugged his shoulders at it later admitting he was too lazy to keep up with law changes...even more so when it came to the Castle Doctrine law and how our state has ' Stand Your Ground Clause ' so you dont have to flee from people breaking into your home.  He said you have to run out of your home even when you have your gun.

he also explained that you never should have to clean your handgun you should be able to  toss it in the dirt in water shake it around never clean or oil it for even years ( he admitted his hadn't been cleaned in nearly 4 years )  I was raised and taught that you clean your gun after you shoot it so gunk doesn't clog up on and in it.  The instructor did say at least 1  - 3 of us there would have our handguns fail on the range.  I trudged on though the rest of the class it was about 60% Bull crap that didn't apply to us  the rest was information we needed to know.

We were put on break while he  signed and dated our  certificates and fingerprint cards while also fingerprinting the rest of the class.  I could have fingerprinted the class being former Military Police but I frankly didn't bother to offer to.  One older man in the class had to be told and redo his fingerprint and application for Conceal Handgun because he didn't print the information on it....

We finally moved outside to the firing lane.  he had 5 lanes  and we were to go 2 people per lane.  we were to take our handguns out  and set them on the counter he had then magazine.  We all did so and stepped back.  The next thing he did was have 2 people hang targets.  Next we were told to load our magazines.  We did so then the instructor was watching each person  load , chamber , and fire their handgun.

He came up to my spot signaled me up I loaded the magazine into my 92 Beretta  chambered took aim and fired all 15 rounds into the paper target.  My shot group wasn't perfect but was inside the size of the palm of my hand.  When My handgun was empty I removed the magazine and switched the safety  onto safe then set it down.  The instructor told me that a tight shot grouping wasn't needed for carry conceal you need to shoot a wide area the size of a paper plate.

I wanted to just break down and go AHHHH! at him for that stupidity....he was more proud of his  karate and free style  kempo.  The same older man that messed up paper work held a semi auto handgun and could hardly hit the broad side of a barn from inside.....a woman was there with a brand new gun and couldn't figure out how to use it.....and finally the damn instructor couldn't keep his handgun working....

I am seriously going to get myself certified for  conceal handgun instructors so then i can avoid the STUPID of people like that.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
This makes me not want to CC just to be able to avoid that kind of stupid.
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