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Midnight Realms - Isle of the Damned

Some people have asked where some of my characters are from so I thought this would be a good subject for a journal.

The Site:
I play on a roleplay site by the name of MidnightRealms.  Most of my art comes from drawing pieces for this site's characters.  Primarily this includes my friends' characters and my own as I don't often get asked to draw for the other players.  Largely this is simply due to a difference in taste of styles which I am not yet able to emulate consistently.

The site consists of three primary settings in the same world.  These are two major islands separated by the sea and connected by the underdark beneath.  The regions are named the Isle of Midnight, the Isle of the Damned, and Vvrock'uvin.

The Isle of Midnight:
The Island of Midnight is a jungle island occupied by a populace that worships the goddess Noelani.  It's Priest King maintains order on this island of lusts where nothing is taboo.  The nights are long, giving the demons, vampires, and night elves time to sate their hungers and that of the goddess.

The Isle of the Damned:
The goddess of Noelani is not one to accept all into her embrace.  Those cursed with Therianthropy, or the long created races of fur are an afront to her.  These so called abominations have been exiled to the forest island approximately a week away by ship.  The fur touched have long created tribes and villages amongst the trees, providing a fulfillment to lust and creating powerful drugs to create another need in their shapeshifter neighbors.  The werewolves rule most of the remaining island, leaving the humans under their protection.  

The underdark is a place of lust and gore for pleasure's sake.  Ruled by drow who have become wealthy and bored.  They jostle for power as they indulge in the city's clubs of lust and pain.
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