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Confession time

Confession 1: Your biggest fear.
it would be failure. it hold me back from doing a lot of things cause i'm scared to fail

Confession 2: Worst Nightmare.
Dieing alone and penniless

Confession 3: Something you wish you could forget.
the dumb things i did as a youth that I will never admit to others. i did some stupid things. nothing crazy like kill something but i full of regrets

Confession 4: Best dream.
Where i'm a super powered hero adored by the city

Confession 5: Favorite memory.
the good times with my mother and sister

Confession 6: Worst experience.
  getting my hand crushed or breaking my collar bone

Confession 7: Biggest pet peeve.
Cheating at something that means nothing like board games

Confession 8: Something you're paranoid about.
my RL friends knowing what i do as joykill. i know At least half would stop being my friends

Confession 9: What you thought of your current best friend when you met them.
he's seen better days but he need to cowboy up and get a life

Confession 10: Your strongest principle/belief.
I'm very straight edge. i don't smoke,drink or do drugs. i seen to many people fall to want to do any of those

Confession 11: What annoys you the most.

Confession 12: Something you want to do before you die.
To travel the world

Confession 13: Biggest regret.
failing boot camp. if only i was a better shot i would have made it.I think my life turned out alright but it's my big "what if"

Confession 14: Hidden talent.
i really got nothing that i can call a hidden talent. um...i got a 8 inch penis...is that a talent?

Confession 15: Favorite thing about yourself.
I'm very outgoing and easy to talk to when i work. a lot of people like my attitude

Confession 16: One thing you would change about yourself if you could.
My self confidence.

Confession 15: Worst habit.

Confession 16: Most important person in your life at the moment.
My sister. without her i would be homeless. she watches my back and i regret depending on her so much.

Confession 19: A skill you wish you had.
i wish i was more into tech. i understand how things work but on the most basic levels

Confession 20: Biggest compliment you've ever received.
that my sunny outlook at life brought a smile to a man who wife and son died a few weeks apart.

Confession 21: What you hate most about society.

i hate that people seem to not care about each other. i think the age of "anonymous" has turned people cold to others. rise above the hate people

Confession 22: Something that makes you cry.
sad movies.

Confession 23: Something that makes you laugh.
comedy movies

Confession 24: Most treasured possession.
not sure i have anything that i couldn't lose and be lost without.

Confession 25: Something no-one expected you to like.
i'm pretty open about what i like. i guess my love for gi joes.

Confession 26: Strangest hobby.
I play hero clixs

Confession 27: Biggest ambition.
to not die alone and penniless

Confession 28: Something stupid you used to believe in when you were younger.
That i could be anything i set my mind to. guess what...i'm not going to be a star quarterback or an astronaut.

Confession 29: A random confession.
i got random head at an anime convention once

Confession 30: A few words to, honestly, describe yourself.
child-like, shy, helpful, lucky, horny, funny
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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
14 - depends... If someone's like me they would treat that as a talent somehow...

21 - The age of anonymous is about a worldwide revolution not a war, it's hate towards rulers not other people. Or rather, Hate towards rulers and their supporters.

29 - Wut...

You're one interesting helluva person. Like most furries. :D
7 years, 1 month ago
as for the age of anonymous, yeah there is hate for the ruling class but there is also hate going around to all people. how amny kids text hateful messages to each other? or post mean shit on facebook. before you could talk shit behind someones back and only those you told would know....now the world can see it.
7 years, 1 month ago
But that's mostly stupid kids. They're hurting other people just as they always have. If it was possible, I'd get every single one of those fucked up bastards and stuck up little bitches and stuff a fucking ball gag down their throat.

As for if it's adults, they normally hate eachother for some reason, so that's pretty much 40% okay.

By the way, where did you find this? And I'd love to do one myself.
7 years, 1 month ago
interesting, have gotta give this one a try in a few....
;p at 14
7 years, 1 month ago
let me know when you do. and thanks
7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
1 - Failure is a part of success. You can't win them all, just know it's going to happen sometimes, prepare for the worst & hope for the best. =3

2 - You're far too nice to be alone. [hugs]

3 - I think most of us have done odd things in our youth. As long as we learned from them they were not done in vain.

4 - If this tells me anything, it says you're a good-natured person. =3

5 - Family is important.

6 - I know breaking your collar bone is pretty horrible because it's hard to keep straight so it can heal. That really must have sucked. >_<;; And to have your hand crushed? Beyond the pain, losing function of that hand for a while (or forever?) is probably the worst part. =/

7 - For some people they can't just enjoy the game; "winning" is everything to them. =/

8 - It's too bad that your friends wouldn't accept you for who you are. =/ I think it's best for them to know at some point, if they're not going to be your friend for being a furry then maybe they weren't really your friends at all? =/

9 - Gotta move on, it's true. =3

10 - Some people will lose themselves to drugs, it's sad. :( But not all drugs are 'bad'.

11 - I bet you don't play any games online. ^_^;

12 - Maybe the 7 wonders of the world? =3

13 - Don't forget that it could go either way, maybe passing boot camp could have gotten you killed. I wouldn't worry about it too much. =3

14 - Only if your skin color, height and facial features are all also talents. =p It's not the size that matters, it's who it's attached to. =3

15 - I agree, you're a nice guy. =3

16 - Just be honest with yourself and with others and you'll do fine. =3

17 - I think lots of people have that habit. =x

18 - Once again, family is important. =3

19 - Take a few free courses, they're all over the web. =3

20 - A smile is contagious. Glad you made that poor soul happier.

21 - Oh that's been going on well before 'the age of anon'. I'd much rather people be assholes online rather than have another lynching happen. Lots of messed up crap in our history, things are better now than they were.

22 - Aww, glad to see you're sensitive, at least to a degree. =3

23 - Have a favorite comedy movie?

24 - Some people live life never having a treasured possession, but I believe having some sort of an 'anchor' is a human trait, happens all the time.

25 - G.I. Jooooooe~

26 - Ever tried Warhammer or Magic?

27 - I see a theme here. =o

28 - I believe that they tell this to kids so they do 'shoot for the stars', because usually the higher your goal the better off you'll be when you find out where you land.

29 - Ever gotten sequential head? [/joke]

30 - I agree! ^_^

( I don't know why I replied to each one, just felt like it. ^_^; Hope you don't mind. )
7 years, 1 month ago
awright mate :p de nada
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