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Updates and all that Fun Stuff

Commission information and prices can be found here, https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=196655 Don't forget to check out the commission special going on right now https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=194527 as well as don't forget to throw a pairing/suggestion in for your favorite Raven Wolf Couple for the Valentine's Contest https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=27381

Onto the Journal.

Those of you may have noticed progress has been going to be slow for writing and comic page releases, this is going to continue on for a bit longer as I take time to work on and make images for my website, as well as find various ways to promote Raven Wolf comic version (which has passed 50 pages of full coloured goodness) on the web, alongside the various webcomic hosts Raven Wolf is residing at the series also has it's own thumblr and Facebook page. So be sure to check those out if you happen to use those social medias and show your support. I'm also looking for suggestions, ideas and options on how else I can promote the series. (For free right now, as until some major expenses have been paid I don't have money to spend) For those that have ordered commissions do not worry, the production lag will not effect them and commissions will still continue as scheduled.

Raven Wolf Around the Web (not including art sites like dA IB, FA and SF)
The Base of Operations -currently under construction-
Manga Magazine
Smack Jeeves
Comic Fury
deviantArt Group

In addition to that update I have this one. I also removed several options from my commission guide, as well as fixed a bunch of typos in my commission prices, the biggest issue being that I had the wrong prices for additional characters, be sure to read the notes if you want to see everything that has been changed and why. Aside from a few typos in the background options prices and major typos in the additional characters, all prices are the same. Be sure to give it a look over because I could really use the money. Due to changes the family member I had to assist me is no longer able to, so I need to gather the funds to build a deck/wheelchair ramp to the door of my house so I can get in and out on my own. I'm most likely not going to be able to have it built until after winter is over so I'll have time to try and gather the funds, and commissions will not be the only way I'll be trying to come up with money. So don't feel rushed or pressured, that's my job not yours xD

That's all I've got for now, and thank you for your time.

Project Stages

Raven Wolf - C.2. Page 22 -SKETCH-
The Newlyweds Next Door - C.1. Page 01 -LAYOUT-
Zimiko Knights - C.1 Page 07 -SKETCH-

Novel Chapters
Raven Wolf - Book 04 - Chapter 7 -FINAL EDIT BEFORE RELEASE-
The Newlyweds Next Door - Chapter 31 -IN PROGRESS-
Zimiko Knights - Chapter 3 -ON HOLD-

Other Images In Progress

RW - Shiya Fight -COLOUR STAGE-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Professor Eve Cadrey -awaiting inking-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Teddy Conner -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Dolly Conner -awaiting inking-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - General Louis Mort -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Zack Magellan -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Yula -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Iuana -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Shiya -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Kit Milford -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Lumia Masters -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - RW - Fitz Cadrey -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - NN-D - Noah -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - NN-D - David -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - NN-D - Timothy -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - NN-D - Alex -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - NN-D - Chris -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - NN-D - Martin -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - NN-D - Nancy -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Clor Zimiko -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Kara Zimiko -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Eymon Zimiko -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Screech Silvawind -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Siren Silvawind -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Shana Kita -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Vincent Saulfella -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Orion Halustar -sketching-
Character Bio Sheet - ZK - Damon Martel -sketching-

Commission Slots - Only 5 slots available per week

- Winder - Bust Full Colour- -IN-PROGRESS-
- Tyrse - Full Body Full Colour- -PAID-
- Tycloud -Waiting on Information-

Man I really need to get all of those bio images done already...
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