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My Thoughts [Regarding my previous journal]

So, my answer is rather complex and too long to post in an edit to my last journal. I'm going to shorten it here though, so i dont lose too much interest in whomever actually wants to know :P

Again, these are only my thoughts on the subject and not one thing I say can be proved or disproved by science or anything for that matter. (Sorry to people who say their religion can. I only say it can't because that would be saying you're religion is also the "correct" religion and I just don't believe any religion is the "correct" one. I rather hold fast to the idea that religion should be a guideline for one's own personal belief. Cuz let's face it, not one entire populous can undoubtably have the exact same belief. Not even the people of the Vatican or even every Pope! Hence each Pope is always coming up with new rules. It's all a personal belief. We are not all the same). In all, don't take what I have to say too serious, just see this as a new oppinion to learn and expand on however you want.

Last thing: Concidering I'm a guy, all genders related things (such as hormones and the like) will be male related unless I state otherwise, as to save time.

*Announcer Voice* In the beginnning...

So, from Day 1, we have Testosterone floating around in us, telling our body what to do, and when we're going to hit puberty. All that fun stuff. But, even before Day 1, that same hormone is affecting us sexually. Even in the womb, it actually gives us micro-erections to which we do what 99% of all guys do, and take care of it :P Even at a time that age is only measured in gestation, we are - in a technical aspect - sexually active. But are we attracted to something yet? Is there a gender, or emotional state, or appendage, or anything that is sexually stimulating to us at that age? The answer is most likely, no.

Even though as adults we joke about succling the breasts of our mothers and what not, we weren't actually sexually attracted to that appendage. We just knew it was a source of nutrient and thus, we drank!

Over time though, as we "mature", we come in touch with our sexuality. Taking baths by ourselves finally gives us the chance to explore our bodies in private. Figure out what's where and what each thing does. Ever seen a little boy with a sippy cup in hand and the other one is down his pants? (that was me). We figured out we like being touched there. :P  And thus, it's probably at this time that we come to terms with what we are attracted to, but these "attractions" will probably be more on the physical side, since what kid wants to deal with the "grown-up" things like emotion and mentality?

But are we able to really say we're gay or straight yet?

Rather tough to say. At that age, it's still all whatever feels better. Not like most of us are really going to have a sexual experience as a toddler or elemtary schooler. --- I said most. Some of you out there, or some out there in general are a rather curious bunch! But you know what they say :P --- It's in middle school (or the 6th - 8th grade for those without middle schools) that we start our experimentation! For some, thats actually physical contact! For most, self pleasure!

But, you still can't answer the question of being gay or not. Experimentation is just that, trials. I mean, what boy isn't fasinated by sex, and turned on just at the thought of it at the age of 12? So, it's not all to uncommon to see so many erections in the showers after a gym class, or peeping eyes for that matter! Sizing the competition is something all animals do :P

So when do we know?

Well, science has two answers, which both conteract on the other. Always, and by the time you're in high school. Or put simply, Always and at a specific point in time. >.> Confusing, no?

I've gone an interpreted this in my head as, we are born with an affinity for a gender (or two) but as we get older, that affinity grows, turning into attraction, and ultimately, your orientation. (Sorry ladies and gents, but PREFFERENCE is not the right word, unless you're bisexual with a preference for one gender over the other. Otherwise, you are oriented).

I don't know if there is a specific gene for homosexuality. I doubt there is, because otherwise, how would it still exist something like 10's of thousands of years later? Men cant reproduce with other men :P Sorry if im crushing any m-preg fetishes out there (lol, not i mind m-preg :3 ). An obviously recessive theoritcal gene couldn't possibly continue on for so long without a gay male having sex and breeding with a female. Kinda isn't gay anymore then, huh?

So how are we born this way if it's not a gene

My simple answer, CHEMICALS! Dun dun dun! Oh yes, chemicals. The stuff that causes our stomachs to hurt, our heads to pounds, and so much more! Whether this be the blend of hormones we're born with or whatever make-up, chemicals, I say, affect our attraction. Think about it:

Pheromones are what attract a person in lust. Pheromones are chemicals, they play a role in attraction. Females secrete them to allow males to know she can breed, and males do for attraction as well as their genetic make up. So who's to say the same type of chemicals or chemicals in general can't affect the laws of attraction in all of us?

Last thing I think is anasthetics. Personally, i don't mind woman or guy parts :3 Both are pleasing to me. Im good at, um... pleasing... woman ones to be truthful, but as far as overall, guy parts are much more pleasing to me ^/////^ Hence my preference in my bisexuality. And hence having a boyfriend :P (though im attracted to him for more than that, becuase he is fucking smart, funny, and sooooo damn amazing!!!)

So yeah... I'm hoping I hit everything I wanted to mention xD This was rather long! I hope you didnt get lost or bored reading! >.< Thanks if you didn't!

Comments? Questions? Lemme know! If you dont want to post it here, PM me! I'm a very open and tolorant person! :D


A rather quick addition to this

A friend of mine, studying evolution and genetics, chose the topic of homosexuality in my honor last year. She expressed her possition on the matter of how we've come to be and I rather was intregued!

" " Homosexuality is a byproduct of evolution. Humans as a species are over populating the Earth. And because sex is a factor in why we reproduce, and sex feels good, the growing population probably won't cease. Nature needed to correct this: thus to keep the species alive (because for humans, making sex unappeasing would probably wipe us from existance), a breed of humans has been created, though very long ago. Homosexuals are the answer to keeping social relationships alive without the reproductive part causing offspring. Homosexuals are still human in every which way, but the laws of their attractions are for similarities rather than opposites. "

It goes on and on, but the conversation with her went on for hours with her explaining so much of her theory. I believe she got a B+ on the paper and the teacher commended her for saying evolution is still existant and that humans are not yet perfect... yatta yatta. I do find it an interesting idea. Not saying I believe it or not, but is it not a concept to be taken into measure? After all, we still debate homosexuality (hence this and my last journal) as Nature vs. Nuture but wouldn't evolution be able to fit? It does in psychology today, so why not? :D
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