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this is why i dont auto-correct

Theodore: today we were talking about favourite icecream flavours in class, and someone said Buttsex penis! i thought of you
Theodore: Butter pecan*
Theodore: how very springhare
Theodore: Inappropriate*
Theodore: Kill Me!!!

Eleanor: ...i dont know what to say...

trolololololoooooooooooooooll. i've never used auto correct and for good bloody reason. MAN thats hilarious. so this journal will be littered with auto-correct's by the chipmunks and ettes.
had this ear bursting heavy metal band in today. holy good god they were terrible. like, i'm a pretty good technician, but even i cant make that sound good :P i actually had to stop the bass player, grab his bass, and show him how his OWN bassline wnet to the drums...JEASUS!!!

Jeanette whats your math class like this semester? hard?
Simon: yeah, very. so i've been hitting the bong really hard
Jeanette: hitting the bong! Simon...i wont tell dave ;)
Jeanette: suuuuuure you did ;)

tomorrow i have to go into work for a little while. and buy a new tv while i'm out and about. nothing fancy, just like a 400 dollar tv. my current one looks a little small now that its on Toms tv stand. and its about time i upgraded. i dont want to be that guy who's like. "my tv worked fine 50 years ago, ehy would i want a new one...you younge whippersnapper"

Brittany: well i'm just in rehearsal right now. should be done in SIXHUNDREDCATS, if you're still bored
Brittany: Six o'clock...wtf autocorrect

so hopefully i can get home with enough time to finish the next song on the album. i reeeealy want to plow through this before people start getting frustrated about no new song releases. but if it takes longer then expected i'll post up like a sample from the album or something...to keep people interested

Simon: what did we do last time, i thought we had takeaway
Theodore: yeah, we had chinsex
Simon: we had chinsex...i thought i would have remembered that :P
Theo: Chinese!!!!!!!
Simon: lol

also i've been thinking of doing a short. almost radio like add for the album. about them in rehearsal and...doing funny stuff i guess. you know...Chipmunk funny stuff AAAALLL-you get the idea :P i dont know if that would draw people in or not. not to mention i havnt pu any thought into how i'm going to distribute it yet

Brittany: you coming to the party tonight?
Alvin: yeah i'll be there SUDDENSHITS
Brittany: lolwut?
Alvin: soonish! auto-correct just had a SHITSTIRR
Alvin: seizure!!!! last time i buy a phone second hand!!!!!
Brittany: ROFLMAO cant stop laughing!!!!!!

and there we go. i hope that helped to LOL up your day. i know my stomach aches cause its SOOOO FRIGGIN FUNNY!!!!!!
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
cute :3 you autocorrect like a PROMOTIONALKITTENBASKET
7 years, 2 months ago
Excellent autocorrects!  

Have you seen autocorrect.com?  It's hours of good fun ;)
7 years, 2 months ago

That'd be kinda cool to see, I have no idea how one distributes something like a radio ad though... xD Did that one station you contacted (that furry one I think...?) ever get back to you?
7 years, 2 months ago
I'm afraid of Alvin's suddenshits
7 years, 2 months ago
Loved the auto-corrects!
And can't wait to hear the album and 'radio' add.
7 years, 2 months ago
that was funny man i loved it
7 years, 2 months ago
Dam...  I had a hard time reading the actual content.  The auto corrects were too funny.  

Cant wait to hear the album and the ads!  ^_^  
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