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Back in the System!

Or close to it. Yesterday I went to my reevaluation with a psychologist named Liz, and we discussed why I didn't come to the mental health clinic for an entire year and why I was now wanting to come back. I have an appoint for February to see a new psychiatrist (unsure if it'll be Dr. Matthews, or if I'll be seeing a different one) and try and get back on some antidepressants and also some anti-anxiety meds.

Liz also seems to think medication isn't enough for me, I might also benefit from therapy. I agree with this; I prefer discussing problems as opposed to just being given meds; this is one reason I didn't like the psychiatrist I had before Dr. Harris, whose name I can't even remember. He was young and seemed more interested in the medication aspects rather than the talking parts. Harris, by contrast, liked discussing things.

I suppose this is one reason I was so sad when he retired. I was uncertain whether this Matthews guy was going to be like Harris or more like the guy I had previously. Anyway, in addition to therapy evaluation, Liz also wants me to possibly have a case worker visit my house and help me overcome my anxiety and depression and better myself through setting specific goals at home. I'm unsure what will come of all of this but I think for now, whatever happens, I'm on the right track, and starting to feel a little better. I'm not on any antidepressants or any other such meds yet, but sometimes a glimmer or hope is just the right amount of medicine I need to hold me over until the real stuff comes along.

In other news, we went back to the internal medicine clinic and it seems that while I may have a mild wheat allergy, that isn't the cause of my bowel issues. My doctor, Jim, thinks I may have some kind of blockage and so has set me up with a proctology doctor for a consultation. Hopefully whatever the problem is, it can just be determined using X-rays. I'm leery of certain cameras going in certain places. But at the same time, concerned enough about my well being to submit to the procedure if it'll at least help determine whether or not I do have some kind of blockage.
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