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I Started an Ask Blog. For Rachel.

The setting: 3237. Two years after TSAT's Human War in 3235. One year before the Candace Incident. Rachel has created her first clone.
It goes downhill from there.
"Lavender Insanity" is a not-entirely-serious ask-blog for both Rachel and her very first clone, thus yet unnamed. I don't plan to take much time for each question, but like the Candace comics, I want to take as little time as possible while having as much fun with it as possible. Almost all answers will be sketch quality unless an answer demands otherwise.


First post is here: https://lavenderinsanity.tumblr.com/post/161149233400/3...
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Added: 1 year ago
1 year ago
Ooh, looks like fun. I await to see what comes out of this. :3
1 year ago
Now this is fun! Reminds me of puppet theater in the kindergarden when all the kids scream at the main protagonist that the bad guy is hiding behind the big rock.

Of course here its more likely the voices try to convince her to get her clothes off. Smart as you are you planned ahead and didn't include those to begin with. Now, if I could suggest something.

To the girl out of the vat: We need to run some experiments to see if you are healthy. If you would please cooperate, it won't take longer than a minute.
First, we'd like to know if your senses are working correctly. I think your sense of vision and touch is fine, how about the sense of pain?
Please pinch the skin on your left arm with the claws of your right hand until the pain becomes untolerable. Then tell us if this penetrated the skin or not, how deep your claws went in, and rate the pain on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is no pain at all and 10 is the worst pain ever you can possibly imagine.
1 year ago
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