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MLP writer/artist Inkbunny FAQ anti-meme (NSFW)

MLP Artist/Writer FAQ anti-meme
(Taken from
's journal: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=27586)

1: When did you get into the My little pony friendship is magic  fandom?
I was forced in when some sadistic prat on my contact list went on and on about it constantly to the point where I HAD to find out what it was to keep him quiet. After two dreadful episodes i'm out the fandom apart from making fun of it.
Note: I did watch an older episode of it when I was a child with my little sister. I still have nightmares about the theme tune.

2: How long have you been drawing/writing My little pony friendship is magic  related works?
Late last year, when I wrote "Fucking Ponies", about 93.85 seconds after watching the two aforementioned episodes and realizing it was one of the worst things i've ever seen. And downing a bottle of vodka to get myself through it.

3: What is your favorite My little pony friendship is magic episode?
All of them were absolute atrocities, so none.

4: Who is your favorite pony?(This can be any pony in the show)
Hated all of them. I'll name Fluttershy though as she kept her mouth shut 95% of the time, which was a fantastic design choice.

5: Is there a pony you can relate to in the show?
Everyone except Pinkie Pie.

6:  If you said yes to question number 6, then could you please tell us how you can relate to the character?
Because I have to deal with fucking idiots as well while keeping a straight face.

7: ____is the best pony.(fill in the blank below)
This has already been answered

8: How often do you watch Episodes of My little pony friendship is magic?
Never. I don't like the idea of self torture. If I did, i'd play Limbo of the Lost all the way through.

9: Would you say that your obsessed with ponies?
I'm probably the only person on Furaffinity/Inkbunny with no feelings towards Ponies.

10: Do you own any My little pony friendship is magic merchandise? If so, what kinds do you own?
None. Unless you count a copy of the F.A.T.A.L. PDF which Pinkie Pie uses in "More Fucking Ponies"

Time to be honest people!

11: Do you find any My little pony friendship is magic character sexually attractive?
Not at all.

12: If you could, would you sleep with the My little pony friendship is magic character you mentioned above?
Not at all.

13: What would you do if you woke up one morning and you were in Equestria?
Shoot myself in the head.

14: If you could be any specie from the My little pony friendship is magic universe, what would it be?(This is not limited to pony specie.)

15: You're given a once in a life time opportunity to live in Equestria as a pony specie of your choice, would you take the offer?
I'd rather peel off my face a strip at a time while listening to Aphex Twin.

16: If you said yes to question 16, Would you have any special conditions for taking this offer?(i,e: Profitable fashion designer, owner of a library)

17: What would your cutie mark be?
N/A. But if I had to, it would be the HIM "Heartagram" Logo

Lets get personal

18: Do you pleasure yourself to your own fanfiction/art that you write/draw?
Not at all. In all honesty the best stuff (ie. not ponies) usually comes from erotic thoughts and dreams I have. Then I add storyline ideas to complete it, typing it up on my laptop. I must be one of the few writers NOT to have a sticky keyboard as a result.

19: If you responded with yes to question 18, how often?
Like most post-teens I get erotic thoughts every day. But like I said in the previous question, 95% of the time they are never acted on, and never during doing anything creative.

20: Do you have a favorite fanfiction/artwork you enjoy yourself to the most?
See 18 and 19. But i'm rather fond of the Lust Sin series, as I really enjoyed the romantic feelings I injected in.

Tag up to 5 more My little pony friendship is magic artists and/or writers with this meme and link back to the meme that tagged you.
Sorry, i'm not that mean.
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
Laughed at most of the answers. Link to question 7 is, sadly, broken. Thanks for the links to your fiction as well.
7 years, 6 months ago
Fixed the link. Glad you found the answers funny - put my opinion forward using my usual dark sense of humour. Just like the pony stories I did.

Thought: what did you think to the stories (Lust Sin Ep 1-3) I linked in Question 20?
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