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Rough start to the week

Well, I'm off to a slow start this week. Ugh, I've been dealing with a lot of crap coming from my sister, her ex-boyfriend, and running back and forth into town to her former apartment again and again. It's a long story but to sum it up short, me and my car were "desperately" needed to transfer junk out of her old apartment that her ex-boyfriend was supposed to deal with but bailed out on. I've lost some art time for this week so I'm going to have to buckle down if I hope to finish my list by the the end of Saturday.

My Weekly 5 List for this week is:

1) Demordicai Diamonds Page 61
2) Trevor Character Concept
3) Greta Character Concept
4) Valerie Character Concept
5) Logan  Character Concept

I'm unsure whether I can get this all done or not in time. I have yet to fail a list this year and I'd rather not fail on week #3. The good news is that as of this journal I have Trevor's character concept drawn and ready to color. Logan and Valerie are both drakune characters and I've been trying to refine the way I draw drakunes but I've had some trouble with that today. I ended up working myself into frustration trying to get the legs to a point where I'm satisfied with how they look. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have better luck. I'm still on track to having DD61 done Friday night as long as the page doesn't give me any unexpected trouble.

I typed up a resume for a security job I'm looking into earlier today. I haven't had to type on of them for a job before. Normally it's always an application with everything that I find. I can't help but feel my resume is really bare, I don't have much to brag about when it comes to education beyond a high school diploma and when it comes to employment. I doubt being employed for two weeks is that influential at all but from what I hear about the job I'm looking into, they REALLY need some security guards who don't fall asleep and stick to the job.

In other news, I've now gotten into an on-line game called World of Tanks. I'm still a noob at it and I've been playing it with Professor Awesome after I got frustrated with trying to refine drakunes. It's a good game to unwind a little but it can easily pull you in and next thing you know you've played a bunch of matches and time has flown by.

That's about it for this journal. I really don't have a whole lot else to report so far for this week. It's getting late and I plan on watching Redeye tonight and then getting some sleep. With some luck, I should have something to post tomorrow.
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