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A good defense for artistically-ambitions games


Yeah it's long, and the wankers that can't even deal with a prologue in a video game will probably skimp over it because BOO HOO I HAVE TO USE MY BRAIN but this is the best damn argument I have ever seen for why graphics and story are perfectly legit practices in game design.

Again I take another stab at oldfags that think gaming started to suck when people dared to use it for expression and art. How dare them contribute to the advancement of culture!

This is why I am so bitterly irritated at Sonic fans, they're usually so preoccupied with recapturing their childhood or "The golden age" as most of the little twats would refer to it as, that they reject this idea that if SEGA ever implemented some depth or a story into their games that was compelling the games might actually be a whole lot better, but no, we can't have that, because Sonic 3 worked just fine without it and again, BOO HOO I HAVE TO USE MY BRAIN!

Yes, I think Sonic fans are retards, they've never proven me wrong, in fact, I think a lot of nostalgia-driven Nintendo fanboys are retards, too, gaming was NOT better in the 80s just because it didn't have a story, and frankly, game companies have been trying to convey deep stories that move us since that time, or have you all just breezed over Zelda or every RPG in existence? Maybe it's not mindless enough for you, maybe you'd rather mindlessly jump through levels and watch some untranslatable score go up, and maybe you'd prefer to not have to think or feel anything, ever, maybe your life is so sad and pathetic that anything that stirs emotion in you reminds you of how forever alone you are in a world that finds you disgusting, or maybe you're just too stupid and tasteless to appreciate good art.

Whatever the reason, fuck you. Seriously, just fuck you, and stop killing the gaming industry with your nostalgia-driven oldfag wank because I'm sick of all the damn retro remakes and steps backwards the industry makes for you just because you can't grow the fuck up.
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