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Kitty Ramble: Times of Doubt

I have an odd feeling that I'm not meant to do anything work force wise.  Basically I would be jumping for joy a few days ago and announce that I've gotten an interview in which I've just recently came back to.  At the same time, I thought I would surprise everyone that I've landed or say that I have a strong chance at getting it.  Unfortunately, I felt that the interview went way too quick.  It was a full time position at Subway that's only a few minutes away driving or a simple twenty minute walk.  The two key factors were that the questions were just simply there with only one or two "explain to me such and such situation" and the manager interviewing me seemed nervous.  Considering she was smaller and skinner than me, I don't think that I wouldn't come close to being intimidating.

My only hope is that the facts of my working experience, goals with music and art, and me just moving in the area will outweigh all of those things.  But something tells me not to hold my breath.  In short, if I don't land this basic position, then I honestly don't know what it is that's telling everybody "Don't hire this person."  Not that I'm going to be emo or anything.  I'll be disappointed of course, but at least that will give me the absolute reason to drive myself into drawing more and getting better.

*never giving up either way*

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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
umm...ok ..... not to worry you but Subway Full Time really...Subway is a franchised business most of the time the manger is the owner and has no real formal training in regards to interviewing and as long as you came off eager to work and friendly attitude you'll more than likely get the Job and Subway isn't that difficult to do really
7 years, 6 months ago
I'm not worried at all when it comes to being eager and having a friendly attitude.  It's just that I've been that way throughout my last few interviews while I was at Twin Lakes and either no one called back or when I call them after a few days, they tell me that the position was already filled or I simply didn't get the job.
7 years, 6 months ago
That's part of the down side to this 'slow recovery:' still too many job seekers for every job, so the employers can take their time and 'cherry pick' the 'perfect' candidate.

Keep plugging away at it and things will turn out good in the end.

After I got my BSEET degree in Electronics Engineering, it took FOUR YIFFING YEARS to land a position that used the degree.  And during that time none of the 'safety net' positions would take me, since they could get a student or retiree to be a greeter or stocker for less money.  

Don't lose hope kitty, I lost track of how many interviews I went to that never had a second call.
7 years, 6 months ago
well i certainly hope you get something soon ^^ not sure if i mentioned but one site i always plug for those seeking jobs is indeed.com  it is a wonderful site and unlike monster and careerbuilder its not filled with those fake jobs just looking to get your money.  so good luck out there *snugs*
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