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Truth be Told

And not because I've been up for almost 4 days but these words are from a one-time drug counselor.  There really is no such thing as being scared straight.  I know I've caught major hell for my partyin' ways from my family, from my old crew, and even a lot of you good people here at FA, and it's all understandable and very noted, but that won't clean up my act.  And ultimatums could seriously do more harm than good.  But the bottom line is, I'll stop on my terms, not anybody else's, and that's straight up reality.

After that, I did some more thinkin' about the idea of movin' Welty, Matt, and Robert in with me when I get a place...and I'd love to see & hang out with 'em again, I also realized a snag in that plan too.  Back then, our idea of a good time consisted of video games, watchin' movies & tv, and playin' games like AD&D.  We did other stuff things too like paintball or hang out in Bakersfield, but the previous stuff I mentioned was our main things.  And those guys still do shit like that to this day.  Fuck, Welty's a 31 year old virgin who only lives for video games anymore...and workin' at Target.  But truth be told as well, those things are no longer my idea of a good idea.  I liked video games...kinda...I mean I brought my old GBA with me when I moved here with one game cartridge in case of a rainy day, which is about the only time I play it, I've never really been into movies.  I can't sit still and watch something for a couple hours straight that kept my interest.  Never could.  And since I moved here, I never watch tv anymore and I'm perfectly happy with that.  Now, all I wanna do is party, get out & socialize, and get pussy!  And when I was tellin' the guys about how awesome it is around here, I felt like they were wantin' to avoid talkin' about all that altogether.  And when they learned how wild I've become, the shit practically hit the fan on that.  So now my idea of a good idea greatly clashes with their idea of a good idea, which I can see that makin' our reunion turn out not as great as we all want it to.  And I hate the thought of the possibly that I might've outgrown them.
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