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Shit I think is funny and/or ironic

Pretty much just a collection of incidents I find funny, usually at someone else's expense, because I'm an asshole like that.

I won't name anyone specific, I'm not that big of an asshole.

The other day, I noticed this dude in an IRC, since I was coming in later, I didn't exactly see the whole conversation, but I got the distinct feeling they thought people who liked cub porn were pedophiles and that it is creepy (Probably because they were calling some of us pedophiles. :V) and all that fun stuff that makes you wanna gut someone, but I guess they assumed I was a dude at first, like everybody else does for some reason (I think my main character looks pretty feminine but it's hard to tell in furry fandom I guess) and when I show them an image of the character I use for smut and they figure out that I am not only female but have a lolibait character, they suddenly start talking about How they've never RPed something like that before and are singing to a very different tune. >_>

Speaking of gender mix-ups, I like how every time someone on the internet finds out I'm a chick, they either start being a lot nicer (Couldn't imagine why 0:3), outright try sending me images of their penis (Well at least they're straightforward...And also get right to the point), or shy away from me because they're gay and vagina is gross and squishy or something. Not everyone reacts in these ways, a good number of people act indifferent even if they're shocked but it's the ones that do react in an amusing manner that I remember. >_>

And there is absolutely nothing more amusing than a bunch of gay/bi dudes comparing penis sizes and creeping all the straight dudes out. Probably because if a bunch of bi/gay girls started comparing boob sizes, the straight girls wouldn't give a shit, but maybe I should recall the #1 rule of the internet; the men are men, the women are men, and the children are FBI agents.

One time I entered a random IRC of which I will not name at a date which I will not disclose and pretended to be 7, I will say the place wasn't specifically a furry IRC but had a good number of them in it, at least that's the impression I got when someone tried explaining to me how to fuck stuffed animals. This proves pedophilia is not limited to furries and old white males. No, none of them asked for my address, they were probably content to masturbate to an alleged minor talking about sparkly unicorn horns.

Speaking of masturbation, I will never understand how people can do it sitting down but given all the videos on the internet of people doing it, I guess it's entirely possible. One time I had an entire conversation with someone about this specific topic and maybe it's just a gender separation thing, or maybe it differs depending on if you need a foreign object to be inserted in a hole you'd otherwise be sitting on, I dunno.

So TL;DR you all suck at sexual advances. :P
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
In the beginning when I stepped in the furry community and wandered around in IRC, I guessed the person's gender on their name. After a few mistakes I found out that the room is filled with makes and that assuming that every new person joining the channel is make and bi/gay. So yeah,  I could understand the persons who've mistaken you for a male.

And urgh, about the pedophilia/cub thing: thank the popular mainstream newspapermediaradiostations for putting it in a dark light/taste.
7 years, 2 months ago
Yeah but it is pretty funny when certain people completely turn around on the subject when they figure out they're talking to a chick. >_>
7 years, 2 months ago
Heheheh True that |=(:D
7 years, 1 month ago
Wait, you're a chick? *puts on suit and tie, grabs flowers, takes picture of penis*

hahaha, I can't imagine how hard it must be to be a girl on the internet. Guys are either white knighting and being extra nice just because, or being as vulgar and mean as possible, lol.
7 years, 1 month ago
I prefer the vulgar ones. :V It's not as hard as most guys think - and neither is being female online. See?

Seriously though, mos dudes treat me pretty normally but it amazes me how surprised they become when they figure out my gender. I've only run into a couple white knights (and firmly told them to grow a pair) and a few people who think images of their penis is a great way to initiate online sex and I really do prefer the latter, at least they're straightforward about it. (Usually in more ways than one. :V)
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