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More info yay!

As I mentioned before, I'm currently working on two different games. Technically 3 but "Avalice Assassin" is currently on hold while I work out the middle filling of the story. (I have a beginning and an ending but no middle. lol )

The Card game is called "Alterra Tactics TCG" with TCG standing for Tactical Card Game rather then just Trading Card Game.

*The Idea was born from a RPG Real time battle system I came up with for an early idea for a D-Resonate/Mischief Knights RPG game that used a real time turn based system (think FF7's battle system with more freedom).

*The gamplay itself was inspired by Wild ARMs 5's and Wild ARMs XF's combat System. So it uses a Hexagon board, because hexs are just better then squares... period.

*A Team consists of 1 deck of 40 cards, 4 Unit Pieces and one Leader Piece, and 5 character cards.

*The first player to defeat all of their opponent's units wins. Alternatively if a player runs out of cards in his/her deck, they'll lose.

*Some Character cards can only be leaders. While some cards have special abilite based on which ever position you give them for now there are only two positions. But 3 more may be added as it nears completion.

*NO this won't be a printed game. For now this is being designed purely for fun and is most likely going to be all digital. But I suppose there's not telling what the future might hold. It may become a printed game. Only time will tell.

As for the VideoGame. The Video game is Called "D-Resonate: VOL2".
*It's a 2D Side Scroller with a 3D Enviornments. The game play is a fast paced fusion of 2D open world Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, and Shinobi.

*RPG elements, varies different open worlds and stages set in a scifi fantasy world much like our own, and fast paced platforming and battles as well as puzzle areas called "Void Traps".

*Special puzzle like rooms that you must solve through skillful jumps and wall kicks.

The story of it is "Mischief Knights: Revise" which is the edited Mischief Knights story with a near completely different first Chapter/Episode.

MOre clearer info and concept art will be released over time. So be sure to keep an eye on my journal updates for more information.

Also Commissions are still open for those interested. PM me for more details.


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