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True Beginnings to False Endings

AN: WOOHOO! I finally did the first chapter for my story! Shut up I know it's not that impressive, but don't ruin my moment.
Disclaimer: I does not own MLP:FIM or Hasbro I only own my OCs
Nightmare's Pain
Chapter 1: True Beginnings to False Endings.

“Once upon a time there were two beautiful princesses, Celestia, the eldest, and Luna, the youngest. Princess Celestia visage and power brought her to control the Sun and with it the day. Luna's visage and insight aloud her power over the moon and stars to brighten the dim nights.

Together they founded the Kingdom of Equestria. A beautiful land of harmony to it's three races. The first, the enduring earth pony, strong and kind folk. The second, the loyal pegasus pony, adventurous and energetic. The third, the mysterious unicorn, wise and sagely. Though the princesses were none of the three races, but of a fourth the Alicorn. An Alicorn is the combination of all three...”

“Wait, what do you mean all three? Can that happen?” interrupted Ice Tundra
“Yea, uncle Frost are you making this up?” also interrupted her twin Snow Tundra

“Why in Equestria would I make this up? This, my dear nieces is the truth our princesses are in fact, Alicorn, they have to be so they can't pick favorites in their court. Now, as I was saying...”

“But, if they can't pick favorites, what if the got kids...”
“...can't favorite them over everypony else?”

“Hmm, that's a good question. And don't know the answer to that question. But oh look at the time, its your bedtime. Goodnight Ice, Snow.”

“Goodnight Uncle Frost!” They said in unison.

Frost Tundra, most trusted general and adviser of Princess Luna. Frost is tall and strong stallion of the pegasai, his cost is a gray frost color with his hair, mane, and tail just gray. With Cole blue eyes . He was still relatively young even though his high position in his princesses' court. His cutie mark consisted of a white snowflake on top of a silver shield.

“Off to bed are we?” came a question

“Well, the princesses have asked me to come early to the Palace for a meeting tomorrow.” came the reply

“Brother I wish you would let me tell my children a bedtime story” said Winter Tundra sister of Frost

“B-But, your the one that asked me in the first place. Besides, they said they like my stories more anyway.” whined Frost

“*sigh* Be that as it may, I said that when I asked you to babysit, last year.” she deadpanned

“Your mean. Well anyway, goodnite sleep-tight, don't let the cloud bugs bite.” Frost said happily while trotting to bed.

'Why, does he live here with me instead of somewhere in Canterlot near the palace? Goodness knows the princesses would probably get him one.' thought Winter.

~~The next day, 4:25 A.M. E.T.Z.~~

“*yawn* Aah, the day feels better with goodnight sleep. Well, do I have time for breakfast?” asked Frost to no pony. As he looked to the window As he saw how low the moon was and that the horizon of light was coming he realized no, no he didn't. “Oh well, guess I'll just have to skip.”

 After he got out of bed, he headed right to his closet  and pulled out his personal armor. His armor was much heavier the most's, even though he was a pegasus he didn't really like to go fast, slow and steady was his motto. In his early officer years he was nick-named 'the Turtle' because of his motto and armor style. The name stuck too, among his troops he is often called General Frost Turtle, he doesn't mind at all, that is how he became a general in the first place, well that and his tactical genius.

 After Frost put on his armor he headed to the front door from there a two hour of travel to the palace.

~~Three hours Later~~

 “Crap, Crap, Crap, I'm going to be late!” was the frantic monchra of one Frost Tundra.

 Finally, he made it to the palace, with -15 minutes to spare....well damn... 'Well time to face the music. Quick gotta come up with a excuse! Um um um.... crap.'

 And before he knew it he was in front of the meeting hall....crap. 'I seem to be saying that a lot.'

 And with that thought he walked in.

 “How nice, the turtle decided to grace us with his presents.” Said an unremarkable civilian leader.

 'Well, here goes nothing.' “Sorry, I got lost on the road of life...” 'crap' (AN: Sorry I couldn't resist!)

 “*sigh* General would you please sit down and join us.” Said a slightly amused Luna “Alright now that everyponies here, first and only thing on today's agenda is what to do with Discord's stone prison. Suggestions?”

 “I move that we destroy the the thing and be rid of it.” sneered a snobbish looking unicorn.

“No, that would only free him after the princesses put him away. No, put him somewhere where harmony will keep him imprisoned.” Stated Frost

 “Thank you both for your suggestions, but General Tundra is correct, sister, can you think of a place?” asked Celestia

 “I believe outside the great maze with the other statues would beneficial. Would make a lovely trophy on display as well.” replied Luna

 “Very well, it shall be placed infront of the great maze along with the other statues, to show future generation what disharmony can lead to.” declared Princess Celestia “Councilman Trixif I task you with this. Meeting adjured.”

~~Outside Meeting Hall~~

 “General, may I have a word with you for a moment.” Luna said in a way that meant it wasn't a question.

 “Yes, my princess.” saluted Frost as he followed her down the hallway.
 As they walked Luna asked, “So, care to tell me why my General and Adviser was late to a very important meeting, 15 minutes I might add, well, start explaining.”

He had the gull to embarrassed, “Um, well see, the thing is, um”


 “That I really did get lost on the way here, I wasn't paying attention and I, um, made a left turn when was supposed to make a right, but I didn't realize this until 45 minutes I was going nowhere and then whipped right around and flew right to the palace, and the rest is history.” by the time he finished of what you can see of his face was beat red.

 “*sigh* Just see to that it doesn't happen again.” commanded Luna

 “Yes Princess!” he saluted

 “And to make sure it does not, I'm giving you a house here in Canterlot.”

 “Princess, thank you but what of my family? They live in Cloudsdale, can't just leave them.”

 “That is why your going to live my appointed general's mansion. I know that you and your sister with her children are the last of the legendary Tundra Family, but think of this as a new start to your family to make it great again.” came Luna's small speech.

 “Thank you, my princess. It means so much to my family that you think of my family so highly.” Frost stated with barely contained tears of joy.

 “Come let us go to your new home.”

~~At the New Tundra Family Mansion~~

 The walk to mansion was quite short. 'Probably to make sure I'm not late again.' thought Frost.

 The mansion itself was a gray as it's main color with a light blue as the trim. Average white double doors, standing at three stories with a tower near the back that was two stories taller than the rest of the house. From what he can see, there 5 windows including the one on the tower. Over all a very plain house even if its a mansion.

 “Welcome to your new home Frost Tundra, enjoy. And try not to be late to tomorrow.”

AN: So, obviously this takes place sometime after Celestia and Luna defeat discord the first time. Since mlp hasn't specified they time distance between that and Luna becoming Nightmare Moon, I'm only going to make it maybe 5 years maybe more. Yes I know Luna doesn't talk like that but, I don't like third person dialog.
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