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Clothed Character

I still have some things I wanna work on besides too.
I still haven't fixed that piece of art for HBH, but I do wanna. I keep dragging my fucking feet.
Clothed character, pissing itself, as he's ready for bed? I am not really sure, don't hava clue what for character I even wanna use. I would do one of my old days trace overs, but that's actually more work... believe it or not, then starting from scratch, and just doing it all myself.
Just about the only reason I believe I will still do that in the future, is to clean up certain Fievel positions I like, which are not all that clear, because of the size of Fievel.
I did not have tracing help to do these.

Doing the separate frames was-a job, which I should have saved inside of CS5
Warped the legs to bring em up. Warped the little one's legs, and moved em a bit, for those.
The eyes and mouth, they both had to be separately done, as you can not just warp those.
From Calumon to Fievel, I did those from scratch. I borrowed the Pichus from well... another piece I did.
Can't really so anything bad there, as I borrowed them from something else I did, totally starting from scratch too. And the Pichus I am still currently working on.
Two pooping into one's mouth, pooping as he eats poop.

The clothed character, I wanna have him with like... wet pants. I am considering many ideas I have, as well as trying to rework Gibbles as well. Have a lighter colored Gibbles to place into the arms of the clothed character, and then make it appear to be stained with pee.
Maybe do a couple versions, as one appears that he was playing in his poop, as he messed up the inside of his pajamas. And of course underwear. *Shrugs* gotta finish the Pichus first.
I have no idea if he will be anatomically correct, if so, then I'll have him with a few buttons open, and it sticking outa there. I am open to suggestions, otherwise, I wouldn't be posting this journal.

And As Always... Thanks Very Much For Reading *Huggles*
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
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