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Arrogance... and other ramblings X3

Have any of you ever met or run into that one person who's just so arrogant that they just start feeling that nobody is above them? And ever notice how those people start acting so arrogant that they start being so just because they can? And to add onto it, they never think that they're wrong at all? Well I've met those sort of people before, hell I've fell into that myself honestly and trust me when you realize that you've been an arrogant cunt/asshole you really look like an idiot. Of course there's those people who are shown how arrogant and superficial they are and instead of realizing that they've actually hurt a few others that they may or may not known in the process.... they decide to go "Meh, whatever. It ain't my problem, grow a pair" or whatever else they decide to say that reveals that they really don't give a damn about how you feel and that they have no intention of giving any sort of fuck, in short they could give two shits. There are those who actually get the memo but rather than apologize they decide to mock you further and make fun of how you felt and other things that have no point in the given time, ain't that just grand? Now mind you I've done this myself so I'm in no way able to say that I haven't done this, but I know people who've done this as well as well  and some of them happen to be lurking on this very site >:3 Regardless of that however I'm not gonna spout any names and frankly I do happen to know quite a few people like that on and off this site so frankly this could mean just about anybody. However for those who think that I am talking about them I dare them to post here and ask if I was talking about them XD

Other than that... today has actually been 2 years since me and https://inkbunny.net/ClaudiaVampyrBunny have been together (yeah if anybody knows how to short hand someone's name on inkbunny please show me how)... I really don't know what to say on it honestly, kinda scares me since we've been together for so long. All I can really say is that I really love this girl and that I hope it goes on for the many many years to come <3

Umm... that's about it, thanks for reading ^^

Oh and mind you, the first paragraph was nothing but a random rant I needed to get out. If any of you read this and think I was talking about you then that says a lot more about you than it does of me doesn't it? :D
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7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
Congratz and that little rant made my day ty
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