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Fetish meme!

Hehe, felt like doing one of these! :) Actually assigning the ++'s and --'s sounded too hard - I figured descriptions of my feelings on these things would work just as well. Plus, this stuff is complicated and can depend on a lot, and there are a lotta fetishes that aren't listed, so I'm sure I haven't covered everything!

*giggles* But it's fun to share anyway!

Anal on Males
I like this! Especially the thought of havin’ my bottom stuffed. *^^*

Anal on Females
This is less interesting to me than the male one, though it sounds fun enough.

I like these too! Though flat chests on cubbies can be just as neat.

Breast Expansion
Not something that piques my interest, really! I don’t mind littler boobies, either.

Weight Gain
I dunno that this is a fetish for me exactly, though I find pudgifying to be adorable, and it can be sexy to incorporate with other stuff!

Not especially a fetish for me, though a lil bit of gentle tying and stuff sounds cute. :)

Some kinds! One thing that isn’t mentioned below is undies, which I like on guys and girls both!

Not especially a fetish for me!

Not really, but regular or fuzzy or soft socks can be really cute!

Not especially, but characters who’re naked except for their feetpaws can be especially cute!

Suit and Tie
Not especially a fetish for me, though it can make cute characters even more adorable.

Muscle, Male
Not especially a fetish for me!

Muscle, Female

Hehe, heck yes! The cuteness of these is a big thing for me.

I love diapers and some of the assorted gear – like pacifiers and bottles and outfits clothes - a lot! In themselves they don’t get me sexually excited, but they are really adorable and make me feel all cute to use! Although the “free to wet myself” aspect of diapies is definitely exciting. Also, I’m not super into playing characters that’re young enough to be babies proper – I usually prefer bein’ at least old enough to walk and talk a lil. :) But playin' all young and cute and all is real appealing.

Not a fetish for me, though I’ve seen a few transformation comics and such where it was really adorable, and sometimes incorporated in a cool way with other naughty stuff too.

Not especially a fetish for me!

I like this! Especially cute when it’s accidental while not simply undesired.

Yup! Goes with the other, plus being pregnant can make ladies look especially appealing. Those big round tummies are cute!

Yumyum! :) It’s neat alla the stuff that ladies’ bodies can do.

Anal Vore
Hehe, nah!

Soul Vore
I don’t know exactly what this means, but it doesn’t sound like something I’d be too into! :)

Cock Vore

Standard Soft Vore
Not especially a fetish, though I’ve seen it done really adorably!

Standard Hard Vore

Not itself a fetish, but, again, cute lil pawses can add to the cuteness factor of a scene.

I like this! Somehow closeness and familiarity can add to the sexiness of a scene.

Not especially a fetish, but I can see enjoying a particular instance!

Yuri (F/F)
Fun to watch! Though I’ve never gotten into Yaoi or Yuri in the sense of hentai, except for shota and lolicon stuff.

Yaoi (M/M)
Fun to watch, and bein’ a guy makes it easier to imagine participating! X)

Hetero (M/F)
Same as Yaoi!

Girly Boys
This can be cute and sexy too, if not somethin’ I’d ordinarily think of as a fetish of mine!

Butch Girls
I don’t mind manlier ladies, though I think I have a harder time being aroused by ‘em.

Mind Control
Not especially a fetish for me!

Not especially a fetish for me! Cute clothes are kinda where it’s at for me. Though, come to think of it, putting cute characters in uniforms can make ‘em even cuter, like with the suit+tie thing.

These look neat! Though I think I prefer scenes with just a few characters rather than a whole whole bunch. Too many and it gets too hard to enjoy all of it at once.

I like bein’ all dependent and following some gentle commands, so subbing’s good for me! I don’t think I’d mind domming, but it doesn’t excite me more than otherwise.

When done very gently it can sound cute! But not really a fetish in general for me.

Solo Masturbation; Male
Cute and exciting to see! I love seein’ pleasure.

Solo Masturbation; Female
Same as above!

Rarely – I’m very picky on this. There are a few artists who draw this in a way I really like seeing! Cute and cartoony, and focusing on feelings and naughiness and not on sight and smell, are important for me. Otherwise kinda yucky to me.

Can be cutely done, but not really a thing for me.

Pudge is adorable, and can make an appealing character even sexier!

I like my smartphone, but not in that way! X)

Hehe! Yay for pee! I like cute best, though I’m not picky here – even pee situations that aren’t supposed to be cute can be exciting for me.

Can be cute, not especially a fetish for me!

Not especially a fetish for me. If someone’s being penetrated, there are other things I think I prefer!

Not especially a fetish for me!



Partial Nudity
Can be cute! Lots of parts are fun when exposed (feetpaws, tummies), even if the bits are covered. And the bottomless look is awesome!

In general, nah. I really like some of the silly, cute stuff I’ve seen, just for cuteness, but not in a sexual way.

Nah – maybe similar to the gore one.

Big thingies can be neat, and especially big ones can be fun to see! I like the “stuffed” look when they get put in someone’s mouth or butt, and at least in my imagination there’s extra good feelings from having more peepee area to get pleasured, and that’s fun to think about.

Hehe, yup! I like the canine look for weenies, and I like how “natural” and uncomplicated sex is for animals, and how they’ll do stuff with everyone watching without minding. When I was much younger, before I distinguished between furry stuff and zoo stuff, and before I warmed up to humans, I actually thought I was a zoophile, though not anymore. I still like feral artwork and such, though!


Can be cute, and panties on guys are revealing inna fun way, though not especially a fetish for me.

Hehe, sounds fun, especially doin’ the suckling! I’m all curious about tastin’ the squirts, too (I’ve already tried tasting my own, of course :P ).


Not especially a fetish for me!

Mud/Quicksand etc.
Not especially a fetish for me, though it can be cute to just cut loose and not mind gettin’ dirty.

Not especially a fetish for me!

I love seein’ this come out, maybe partly ‘cause of imagining the pleasure involved! And it's fun to see getting on things sometimes! And like I say, I get curious about taste.

Can be adorable, and a cool way to get some touching in! I like how some people have spots that’re all pleasurable and giggly to touch, even if I'm not as ticklish as I used to be myself. Though when overdone, it can be mean, too.

Pet Play
Hehe, this is a relatively recent discovery for me, but it’s neat to imagine bein’ someone’s puppy!

Age Difference
Can be good! I don’t mind it in general, and I like imagining bein’ the littler guy and getting taken care of and all!

A *little* bit of shyness and embarrassment can be adorable. Actual "humiliation" might go a bit too far for me, though.

Hehe, of course! :)

Not especially a fetish for me!

Not especially a fetish for me!

Not something I’ve ever thought to focus on! [Edit: Actually, it feels really good to be touched there! And it's fun to think of touchin' someone else there! I guess I was thinkin' visually before, but the touch thing makes it appealing!]

Bottoms are cute and sexy! *giggles'n'wiggles his!*



Hehe, oh, yes! Showin’ and lookin’ are neat! Maybe part of why sharing feelings in these memes is fun too!

Not something I’m super into, though I don’t mind. I think I prefer when everyone involved knows what’s being shown!
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Interesting way to do this meme.
7 years, 3 months ago
Thanks a bunch, Yure! :) Glad you like the approach here.
7 years, 3 months ago
Hehe, I think I was a bit shy when I posted mine, I'm always glad to see others are all okay with sharin' theirs too! :3 Zoo stuff and how animals do all sortsa neat things and have interesting looks on their own make for fun situations and curiosities! 8D
7 years, 3 months ago
Hehe, aww, yeah, it's a pretty revealing list, so it's understandable to feel shy about it! But I'm glad you did - you gotta cool bunch of likes! :) And yup, there's lots of interesting stuff with alla the different animals, so that's a fun thing too! Thanks a bunch, Nishi dear! :)
7 years, 3 months ago
I like your way of answering this meme. :)  When I did it, I arranged the fetishes into lists. But I actually think this way is much better. I might actually give it a try. ^^

There were also a lot of fetishes not in this meme. What do you think of desperation (as in pee holding, but not wetting)?
7 years, 3 months ago
Ah, thanks a bunch, Bledar! :) I'm glad you like my approach - it's fun to do, and I felt like it's more informative to have descriptions! :) So I hope you have fun with it if you do! And ahh, hehe, you're right, it'd be fun to add even more fetishes! I definitely like pee-holdin' stuff! I think I'm most likely to focus on the eventual inevitable release, but the holdin' in part is cute too!
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