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Agenda for 2012 - January to March

Before I go into the usual Agenda Stuff, I have a bit of news:
A big thanks to all who follow, fave, comment or just generally drop by and check out my work. I rarely get the opportunity to say so. Seriously, thanks. It helps keep this old curmudgeonly bastard from flipping tables on a daily basis. = )

Now, on to the regularly scheduled agenda stuff!
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October to December:
- Keep up with Biff.
I wish I could mark this as a huge success but I can't. I am back to working on the strip again but the tail end of the year saw my levels drop off drastically... more so than normal.
- Make some cash on my artwork.
Ha! Didn't happen. -.-
- Continue doing sketches.
This one did happen. In fact, it's the one thing I actually kept up on.

2011 was a less than spectacular year for myself and many others. More than once, I had my plans go tits up because I relied too heavily on others or, in most cases, dropped the ball hard myself.
I am my own worst enemy and my very nature tends to screw me over. I like to help others, I want to be a cheerleader for everyone but I need to wake up and realize I can't do anything for anyone if I'm hurt. As antithetical as it feels for me, I have to get myself on solid ground before I rush to the aide of others. In short: "Trying" to be more social and outgoing can suck a nut. This doesn't mean I'm taking my ball and going home. I'm just not going to stress that I can't contact the folks I want due to being to afraid to sparking a conversation. For those who I generally talk to, it's pretty much business as usual since I'm rarely (if ever) the one to start a conversation or make first contact.

My game plan for 2012:
Keep Moving Forward and Make a Profit

January to March:
- Keep sketching.
It's the one thing that's keeping me going art-wise aside from Biff. Be it the Monster Girl pics or simple little doodles, I need to keep that up or I fear I'll slip back into my art funk again. And that would hurt more than just folks who read me strip. Thankfully, I've started an Art Only Tumblr blog thingie so I can keep up with it
- Plan out the next book.
With that in mind, I want to release three new books this year. I want to get out Biff Vol.2, make a new sketchbook (probably a themed one), and make a book that's a collection of my various non-strip comic ideas. I have some still kicking around and it would be nice to either revisit the older ones or simply pop the existing ones into a single volume. I would be doing touch-ups, adding extra material and all that - pretty much what I do when I make a book. The thing is to roll my die and see which one comes up first.
- Submit my artwork to various places.
Between Tumblr and devArt, there are plenty of places that I could submit my work to and possible gain some viewers. I need to stop being such a damn chicken and make the move of submitting to themed blogs and groups respectively.

Three months. Three goals. Let's see how well I fair this time. -.-
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