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Introducing: commissions!

I've never been one to offer commissions because I never thought my pics were good enough for anyone to pay for them. Also, I don't have Paypal and didn't have any other payment methods. So I've only offered requests and art trades in the past.

With Inkbunny I have the option to be mailed a check once I receive $100 in payments. From that they take $10 for their fees and send me $90. The problem with this I've been trying to work out is that on, say, a $15 print, I only make a little over $2.50, so getting that to $100 is frankly impossible since I don't suspect that enough people are going to commission me. However, I have another option known as a digital print, which is just the availability to get the image downloaded for a smaller charge. This works well because they only take 20% of the amount of money I'm charging.

So here's how I'm gonna try out commissions to work: art trades are still available and free if you have decent enough art. Requests are still free if:
1. They involve only official sonic characters
2. They are limited to 3 characters in a pic
3. I like the request a lot

Now, commissions are available at the following rates. Pretty much whoring my art out for anything:
$5 lineart
$7 flat colors
$10 standard shading such as https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4630101/
$12 detailed shading such as https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4164750/
$15 detailed shading up to 4 characters of anything you want me to draw period

Everything up to the $12 is just about any request you'd like. This can be loli, shota, scat, inflation, anything that turns you on. Also any characters you want, including OC characters, unless I warn you that I doubt my capacity to draw the characters in the situation you ask.

The $15 is anything you want to see drawn to the best of my abilities. I encourage checking out my previous works to see what I'm better at. For example, my best attempt to draw a hardblush style furry horse turned out to be insanely unpopular on all the sites I submitted it to, with only one favorite out of all of them: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/4812403/

We'll see how this commission thing works out. What is cool is that you'd be the only person able to see the commissioned pic, since I will only provide a preview if the digital download isn't activated. Others would have to pay to get the same ability to access it.
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