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First Journal: Commissions, WoF, and a bit about me

Well, not necessarily in the order in the title. A little bit about me. I'm an author, first and foremost. I can't draw to save my life, so I do the writing instead. Those of you that have already read some of my stuff here or on FA or on SoFurry know that I'm not a bad writer, and I tend to be a fairly good source of material for written porn. I'd like to call it erotica, but...yeah...even with a plot it's basically porn with plot, so I'll not go there for the moment.

Anyway, I tend to do story commissions, and I have a price list here if you are interested. I take payments over Paypal rather than anything else - mostly since I don't have anything else put together for that - though I will take a check in the mail if you can't do anything else.

That said, this is the story commission stuff I offer.

-Snapshot stories ($3 each) : As before, these stories will probably remain the cheapest. They are three dollars for a page of story to go along with an image of your choice. You have to provide the image, and I’ll put together a story to go along with the image. Of course, as the story will be only a page long, this means that it will not likely have as much stuff in it as full length things, but that’s what you get for this price.

-Adult shorts ($15) : These stories would be up to 5,000 words and would be strictly sex. These would not involve plot in any way, and they would not have much, if any, introduction before the characters within are doing the deed with each other. Limited to two or three characters at the outside, and what fetishes we can work out together.

-Adult story ($30-$45) : These stories will be up to 12,000 or so words, and would contain some story to go along with the sex inside, usually some introduction and some conclusion with the sex the filling in the middle, though this could change depending on just what the commissioner in question wants. As many characters are allowed as I can fit into the story, and this is something we’ll need to talk about. Prices fluctuate depending on if they go over the 12,000 word mark and if the fetishes/kinks involved get either unfamiliar or very extreme for me.

-Adventure story ($30-$45) : Unlike the adult stories mentioned above, these stories are ones that allow you to place your character into an adventure. Perhaps in his/her past, there was something of a quest they were on, or perhaps they were part of this adventure party. Perhaps your character has a tragic history, or perhaps something happier. In this up to 15,000 word piece, you describe the event in question, and I write a short story about it for you to show off to people.

-Serial adult/adventure stories ($25-$30 per chapter) : As you may or may not have seen, I have done several commissions that work in the same world, and involve the same characters, and use the same history as the ones coming before and after. These are serial stories, and since they are serial, I offer a little bit off per chapter. Each chapter will be about 8,000 to 11,000 words, and each chapter will be paid for at the conclusion of said chapter, and before the start of the next. Minimum chapters required are three, otherwise please order an Adult/Adventure story.

-Novel story ($100-$300) : This is a true undertaking of a novel for you. It will be between 30,000 and 80,000 words, and will be set in the time and setting that you feel is the most appropriate. You tell me what you want, and I will do my utter best to deliver. Payments will be delivered as I reach the portions of thirds in the story, with a proportional level of payment with each segment sent to you. If you order this, you need to be reached easily via messenger, email, or PMs. May or may not involve sex.

If you have a different sort of idea, then talk to me. We might be able to make something else.

Now, I also mentioned something called the WoF in the title. That stands for the Wheel of Fetish, and here is what that is.

The Wheel of Fetish is a story thing that I'm going to do between commissions. It'll be a pattern. After I've written three commission stories, I'll write a Wheel of Fetish story. It's sort of a combination raffle/donation thing you can do as a chance to get a free story. Let me explain further.

The Wheel of Fetish is a random story, determined from a spreadsheet. There are two columns for characters, three for kinks, and one for settings. I run these through a random number generator and I write based on what comes out, using those characters, those kinks, that setting. I'm offering people a chance to get into this by way of buying a character slot on the spreadsheet. It's $5 for one slot, $10 for two, and $15 for three. Three is the most you can get for one character, though you can buy slots for multiple characters on the list.

You can also purchase spots for a kink on the spreadsheet and I will add a number of additional slots for this or that kink, so that it's more likely to be picked. You can purchase up to three of these, at $2 a piece.

If you're worried about being put in a story with a kink you don't like, you don't have to worry about that. Every time it comes around, if you are rolled up for it, I will contact you about what kinks are also rolled up. If they don't work, I'll re-roll it and work with you.

Best of all, you stay on the list after you buy a spot until I pick you off of it. There's no removal of your character just because you don't get picked the first time; you get to stay on the list until your character is picked, period.

Anyway, that's an introduction to me, and what I do. I hope you enjoy my works, and I hope you feel interested enough in them to think about commissioning me.
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