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Tanuki Annual Zodiac 2011

The following is provided for entertainment purposes only.


..Well, Not really, But it IS the age of the Water Dragon of Light! Which is a strange element of dragon indeed. It's the only one of the elements that's not quite as possessive as the other dragons. And, Since everyone's already been talking about this year, The Dragon's Ego is already pretty well sated.

But enough poking at the divines, what does this mean to you?

Dragons encourage you to be Bold, and even the most laid back element doesn't negate this. Bold in Love? Bold in Finances? NO! Bold in Creativity. That's right!

Got that awesome campaign for Creatures and Corridors you wanted to write up? Do a bit of world building? This is a good time for that. Haven't had time to tak out that lovely piece of fiction you've been holding off on? Make time! Even coding will be pritty awesome this year.

Buuuuuuuut that might be all that's awesome. See, Dragons arn't exactly down-to-earth sorts of creatures. If I had to pick any of the zodiac critters as having Autism, Dragons would be it. Socializing will remain pretty awkward, But not as awkward as last year. You won't need to worry about as many misinterperations, But people will be more into their own personal hobbies, and if you're not careful, You'll find that other dude just wont be quiet about his love of telephones (And if you're not careful, You'll ramble on about your train set and bore everyone away!)

Sexually, fetishes will be more pronounced. Which is great if you're pritty freaky yourself, But if you're after some good old fashioned boning, you may need to give your partner a little tolerance while they put on their robe and wizard hat cosplay gear.

Financially, well... uhm... Hay money isn't everything right?
I mean. I'm not saying that this will be a horrible year for money. If you're creative you might find some good fortune. HAY! This is a good time to write and publish one of those apocalypse survival guides!
What I am saying is.. (Chinese) Dragons don't think about money too much. They just assume they have it. So when you're sitting on your pile of D&D Sourcebooks and figurines and vidya games, wondering why you're a zillian dollars in debt.. well. There you go.

The main theme of the year will be CREATIVITY.
And not just any creativity, but BOLD Creativity, so don't be afraid to offend, get out there and do something neat, Because greatness will never fall on you, you must TAKE greatness.
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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
Maybe this year I'll be able to write AND run D&D games.
7 years, 1 month ago
*Casts Charm on you.  With +3 aptitude and L2 proficiency in mind magic, this is highly successful and thus entices you to bug the thylacine for the next couple days at every opportunity.*
7 years, 1 month ago
My element is water, but my year is dog.
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