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Never Forget To Say "I love you."

On December 24th around 4PM, family and friends came over to our house for the Christmas Get-together we strive to have each and every year. One, because it is something we look forward to but more importantly, it is the anniversary of my Grandparents marriage. 56 years together. Its amazing to think of being in love with someone for that long. It is the ideal love we all want at some point in our lives. Grandpa was having a blast till he accidentally bit his tongue and, due to being on blood thinners, had to stick with eating on a cloth to stop the bleeding instead of eating the fine dinner. We of course poked fun at him a bit, which he laughed off and instead "sanitized the wound" with some cherry flavored Dissiorno (I think that is how its spelled.) We all laughed and had a great time. Grandpa had a great time....

About an hour and a half after 12AM on Christmas night, my beloved Grandpa Moore, age 75, passed away from complications after a severe stroke.

I was in the living room with my Mother and Father working on new video games that my 2 year old nephew was given from relatives for Christmas when we recieved the call he had his stroke. Mom and Dad headed out immediately as I waited for my Sister to arrive and we both drove to the hospital where Grandpa was flown to via chopper.

After arriving my immediate family along with my Grandmother, two aunts, cousin with her daughter and good friend whom had just recently married into the family but was nonetheless considered accepted by Grandpa, sis and I waited in the room for the news. We sat for roughly 20 minutes before a nurse came in and gave us the bare bone details of Grandpa's situation. We each took turns standing by him as Grandpa was awaiting transfer from his room to the MRI wing. All of us tried so hard to wake him.

He was then moved to another wing of the hospital where we waited about another hour or so for my Mom to come in to tell us that Grandpa had begun bleeding in the brain and the pressure caused irrepairable damage.

He was kept on life support via breathing tube and we each said our own goodbyes. I had never seen my aunts, sister, brother, father or mother cry so hard in all my life......

I must have broken down 4 times that night. My Dad, whom spent almost 3 years trying to gain the man's approval after marrying his oldest daughter, my Mom.....he was trying to keep a strong face, but had to leave the waiting room a few times as well. He never got to say goodbye to his parents before they were taken....so being able to say goodbye to his father-in-law, was tough.....but he said his piece and was glad to have had the chance.

My brother...........as much as I have spoken about hating him and how he treats us.......I saw he still had a heart when he broke down after admitting he never told Grandpa "I love you" enough times.

My sister......she always puts up a strong front for us all whenever she is alright. But that night, she showed that she is still very deeply attached to us all. I had never seen her cry so hard.

We each went to say our own personal goodbyes to him. I went to his side, sat down and held his hand as my Mom and Grandma watched...both quietly sobbing as I struggled to speak. I spoke of how I was proud of him.....and that I know I could have made him prouder.....and that  I would take care of Mom as he asked me to so many times whenever he would call. That I would look after Grandma.....and that I was so proud to be HIS grandson. I gave his hand one last squeeze before kissing his forehead and whispering "See you around, Grandpa."

One of our biggest comforts was that........

He did not pass ON Christmas Day.

While this is one of the saddest moments in our lives, I will do my best to keep everyones spirits up alongside my Dad. We will not let Grandpa be mourned more than celebrated. Next year, I plan to have as much a festive time as possible with my family. Grandpa Moore would want that. For us to stick together and remain as we always have.....a strong family.

So if you have relatives that you care for......NEVER forget to say I love you each time you see them. You never know when they can suddenly be gone

Grandpa, wherever you are, I know you are watching out for us. I love you. And I will always remember you.
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