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The fox and the Shack

So yesterday we got an e-mail from Human Resources which states who will sign for another 6 month contract.
Me and my 3 team-mates run through the list and then we found my name.

Giraldo Llanos Jose Felipe Junior / ID: 47121696 / Renewal: NO

As soon as we found out that information, my team-mates got very pissed off and called Human Resources to tell them that they want me to keep working. They said that they were going to call us back but sadly there was no call back.

The next day ( today ) we got a modified version of the same list and they wrote a note saying

"We're sorry but not everyone can stay, this is the final list"

We found my name and still said "No contract renew".
My friends told me "Don't you worry, we'll try to get you hired somehow but if we can't , then we're sorry but in the end it's the company who last the last word on that regard"

Not much can be done in the matter, if the company wants to lay me off, then let it be like that. My friends ( the Store Manager , and it's Assistant Managers ) will try and talk to them once more to try and arrange something but as of right now my contract will end today ( Dec 31st ).

The fox will have to go back to " Job Hunting " again.
Man, I loved working there at RadioShack, it was fun and as many of you know I enjoy retail.
I LOVE SELLING TECH, it's also my field too.

Anyways. tonight we all ate "Tamales" and bread with Soda as "My Last Dinner" with the team.
Then they bought me a Laptop Cooler and I got myself some HD earphones " The Sharper Image" brand.

That's about it really, so from today onwards, I'll be free until I get a new job.

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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
awww, that's bad. I'm sowwie sweetie *hugs tight* I hope your friends there can do anything about it :/
7 years ago
So sorry, Lipe. :( I hope you find another job soon. [kisses]
7 years ago
Awww. I am sorry hun *huggles* Hope something can be worked out *snugs*
7 years ago
Dang dat sucks, but oh well, atleast foxy can now spend more time with friends? o3o
7 years ago
Awww, Lipe :c Sorry to hear that. I hope you will get a job that suits you best as soon as possible. And I will keep you close in my heart, coz I know it's good to have a support of your friends :) Keep us updated!
7 years ago
I'm sorry to hear :( *hugs tight*

I hope you'll find something fun relatively soon.
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