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Counting down once again

And at least this time it hasn't been as much of a wait up to this point and the time left isn't that much of a wait either.  And if I'm remembering right this will be number 6 I believe.

What I'm actually talking about is that I got approved yesterday to go and visit Kep in Colorado again.  According to them they're just going to put me on a leave of absence this time.  Which I'm surprised they didn't do that before.  Because it's what the system said they should have done, but granted they are idiots.  But either way they said I can get the time off and they said I can go ahead and get the tickets.  That way they don't end up going up in price.  Because they want me to go back and talk to them in February to set it up.  Because I'll actually be making the trip in March.

So I'll end up being gone for three weeks during that time.  Which at least four of the days will be spent traveling.  And yes that means I'll be taking the train again. ^^;  I still really don't feel like flying by myself still.  Along with I'd probably have issues bringing as much as I do.  Plus as far as I know everything has been fixed finally for the train system.  The only thing as usual is I need to make sure I have enough things packed and that I can get a damn seat by myself. ^^;  For those of you that have never ridden on a train before, especially for an extended period of time, the seats arn't all that bad.  However they can get fairly cramped after a while.  Along with me being as tall as I am I basically have to have both seats to be somewhat comfortable.  Along with being able to sleep.  Because a lot of times the only way I can sleep is trying to curl up on both the seats.  That's why I still hate it that on the train to Chicago they give assigned seats.  I know it's in part though because it's midnight when I get on.  So they want to make sure everyone has a seat.  Though as soon as the person sitting next to me gets off the train I just lay down quick. ^^;

So the only thing I really have to do is buy the tickets online.  Though I'm probably just going to have them delivered to me this time instead of going to the train station to print them out.  In part because I don't really go out that way so I would probably spend the same amount in gas.  Along with the printer I have to use usually messes up when printing things off.  So it would more than likely mess up the barcode anyways.

But I will actually be leaving on March 1st and then getting back home on March 20th.  So at least I'll be able to spend two weeks there again. ^^  Which this time I will more than likely just stay off the computer.  Unless I actually have to get on to check something.  Along with I'll end up posting a journal like I usually do as far as when I leave and arrive.

Though like I said all I have to go now is get things settled and packed and start the wait.
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