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The Conceptual Evolution of Ampersand

My original idea to create a shark character arose when dbear dubbed the faux-hawk my hair gets pressed into when I sleep a "sleepfin." I found the term amusing, and after a short discussion about hair styles, had the desire to make a shark.

I looked around both FA and IB for inspiration. What I found was that there were enough big, beefy sharks with 20" long double-cocks to fuck everyone in the fandom stupid twice... no pun intended. So I decided on a younger, lanky character, greatly inspired by Weylen Wolf. A boy in his mid-teens, where muscle structure would still be fairly limited. Because the idea had come about due to a hair style, and because a fin on the back would be exceedingly awkward, the dorsal fin would be represented by a fin on his head. Obviously, being aquatic, his hands should have webbing between the fingers. Feet? Flippers? Flippers!

With a few very vague details, I bought some time from
during a sketchmission stream to give him form and
Meet Ampersand! by BusterWilde
was born. A unique and adorable shark. I hadn't originally intended for his top teeth to stick out as they do, but after Wooz drew it, I liked it and didn't bother to correct him. As of this sketch, Amp had only a name. That was technically the second complete sketch done of him. As Wooz worked out a few more pics for moi (
), I started getting a feel for his personality. Smug, cocky, but genuinely concerned and caring. How to turn someone with those dominant personality traits more likable?

... Make him mute. It's not something that's seen a lot, and it downplays his outward smugness. He becomes someone who HAS to be expressive and outgoing in order to get his point across. It also provides a certain irony to his nickname, which I enjoy immensely. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning on a clear day...

He doesn't fit in my world. Where would he fit in? College students don't usually hang out with high school freshmen/sophomores, and he has no connections that would put him anywhere near a college setting to begin with. I'm sunk. The first character I design in a long time whom I truly enjoy seeing come to life, and he doesn't work with my other characters. I mull it over for a couple of days and, though unable to come up with a solution, buy some time during a sketchmission stream from @chetchaka to try and get a better feel for how he looks. Chet does a study for me (
Ampersand Study by BusterWilde
) where he's standing near Weylen --an already well-established diminutive character-- in order to get a feel for his size. Chet gives Amp more personality, giving him shape and definition. It occurs to me then that Amp fits in perfectly with Wooz's characters. He's right around the same age, has loads of personality, and is more or less physically based on his character designs, anyway. With permission, I transplant him into Wooz's universe.

His relationship with Weylen? That subject has crossed my mind several times since I asked if he could be a part of the world, but I don't know how to answer it. Weylen is Amp's "ideal catch," so to speak. He definitely has a crush on the little wolf, but he has a lot of competition in his way. That's not something that's going to stop him from trying, however.

Anywho, that's more or less how a simple comment about my hair turned into a 15 year old mute shark with a crush on everyone's favorite teenage wolf. I hope you enjoyed this tour into the mind of an escaped mental pa... I mean, perfectly normal 25 year old. Yes. Normal...
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
7 years ago
Nobody asked, I just felt like typing it all out X3 It helps me keep my thoughts and characters organized, and I'm rather proud of Amp as a character
6 years, 12 months ago
Neat evolution of And per se And there :]

Can't wait for weylen to get all up IN ET (haha, get it? cuz et sounds liek it and et is from which ampersand comes)
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