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Kitty Rant: Change (A Statement Challenge)

This isn't really a rant, but more of a true fact.  There are many different types of changes that everyone has witnessed once in their life.  Change in weather, chance in prices, change of rules, change in leadership.  But there are two major changes I think that will hit someone really hard.  A change in those you've once trust and a change in yourself.

As it stands right now.  I'm dealing with someone who I've use to know since I've started out in the fandom.  We use to hang out, chill, have fun....have fun ;P, discuss and getting through rough times, you name it.  He's one of those furs that lives in a good area, but is so far away that barely anyone goes over to see him but the rare few that do.  I was one of those few.  Throughout the years me and my mate have been trying to get back on our feet while some furs wanting to put us down and out while we were on FA even before the banning.

This past MFF we we've given the opportunity to room with said person's mate in which we had the money to cover for it.  Unfortunately due to the lack of responsibility from another person, we have to put that money towards food until everything was under control.  We've explained to his mate, and he was fine with it.  Sadly, my so called friend decided to put my mate on a serious guilt trip and the final day of the con.  Not only that, he wasn't doing anything fun at the convention but walking about, smoking, and causing a ruckus in the room because he's mate's guests wanted to stay the night without paying.  Even though the room is completely under his mate's name.

It doesn't stop there.  We've promised his mate that we would pay him back by the end of this month and informed him that my mate has the job and I'm not too far behind in getting one myself.  That and we'll be able to pay him back on the first paycheck.  But no.  My, "friend" demanded the money back this instant or he'll convince his mate to take legal action all because he couldn't see his mate for Christmas even though he's a state line away.

Now first off, there's no documentation stating that we'll pay back whatever by such date and signed.  Secondly, the situation involves me, my mate, and his mate only.  Finally, his mate at least trusts us because he's dealt with the same situation before.

Another example.  Ever notice at times in conventions that you want to do something fun and you know it's safe or it's something that you can control.  But security somehow get's literally on your ass even though you've barely done anything just yet.

One more example.  Do you ever have older friends and/or fellow furs and you try to explain something.  Yet they've went completely down your throat because that's the rules, no exceptions, deal with it.

Things like these can really make you stop and think "What in the hell happened to them?"  "What caused them to act this way?"  Why can't they hear you out?  Give 'em a chance? Discuss things without being absolute and being always right?"  (Mr. or Mrs. Know-It-All if you will)  My answer is simple.

They've grown-up and became adults.

Now, this cat is 29 years old and knows about being responsible as well as the difference between fantasy and reality.  But at the same time I'm understanding about aspects of virtually everything.  Unfortunately those like me are likely to be sick and twisted.  Here's what I mean.  If you look at my LONG list of favorites, you might notice a few scat pics.  Now, does that mean that I actually do it in real life?  No.  But I know that someone thinks that I actually do.  Same with cub and feral aka bestiality pics.  Again in my early rants "MUST RAPE CHILDREN AND DOGS!!!"

And that's the way the law and every common person's way of thinking is now a days.  Even to the point of putting their friends and loved ones in jail.  That's what the entire rant is about which brings me to conclude everything I've mentioned to this statement.

"To be an adult is to sacrifice everything that you've once stood for."

I really want people to prove me completely wrong by that very statement.  But the way I see it, adults don't care about excuses, someone's reasoning, or different intentions that was never meant to hurt anyone.  They've drawn, posted, or saved said pictures, so they MUST be what they've seen.  So they MUST be banned.  So they MUST go to jail.  Even though they haven't actually done or practice any of those acts.  "But they were thinking about it.  So they are going to do it for real at one point or another."  What the hell is this Equilibrium or V for Vendetta?

Why else do I claim myself as a cub or babyfur at times?  Even though I've gone through some tough and challenging times in my life, I'm still the random silly happy-go-lucky kitty I was when I've first started this fandom.  That's something that I don't ever want to let go.  Hell, if twenty years past from now, I'm going to have someone put LEDs either in or on my cane or walker, walk into a furry night dance and scream out "OLD MAN RAVE!!!" and wave it around just so security can tell me to leave because it's considered a hazard to the fursuiters.  If I have to sacrifice all of that to be considered an adult, then I rather be a grown ass kid than a grown ass man.

*Second star to the right and straight on til' morning*
.................but I'm not straight. >o.O<

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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
In regards to the "legal action": If there was no written contract regarding conditions to pay the money back and they can't prove beyond a shadow of a doubt you had no intent to pay the money back of your own volition, they don't have legal ground to stand on. They won't get far in small claims, I'm pretty sure of that.
7 years, 1 month ago
It just pains me that it's my old friend that I knew for so long is determined to go blindly to such extremes.  Especially not thinking about actually going out of the way to set this "legal action" up when he doesn't have anything to prove.  It's the first time I've experience that.  I'm really hoping it will be the last.

Edit: I'm not worried though.  I know he doesn't have the means.  And even if he tries to say anything bad about me, he can't do it on FA.  I'm already banned and I can block him here if he ever makes an account that is. :P
7 years, 1 month ago
A lot of this sounds true, indeed...

I kind of live through such change myself, lately, given the fact I'm in my early 20's and trying to be a bit more adult, but I also try to stick to some reasoning.
Also, yes, I may belong to that party that say "Ewww scat, stay away from me with that", but I also know that not everybody is into that stuff in real, too... Of course, there are people who are (I hope I never meet them, honestly), but most of this is just fiction. Just like cub-artwork. Just because you like or adore it does not mean you're going to do it for real. I won't, that's for sure.. The sheer thought creeps me out. ._.
7 years, 1 month ago
It's okay to change your outlook on life, goals, and reasoning to become more responsible.  But it's changing one's attitude completely for the worse that no one would ever expect.  An ultimate example is this reply.  If I were to respond like this:
" TachiKusanagi wrote:

Just because you like or adore it does not mean you're going to do it for real. I won't, that's for sure.. The sheer thought creeps me out. ._.

~Well F_____ you pal!  Scat's better than anything I've ever tried.~

...and kept that attitude towards everyone else from then on, that would be a total blow to the gut WTF?! moment.  No one would expect me to say that because I'm not the type to degrade anyone.  That's the only type of change I don't want to experience from anyone else that I've truly gotten to know.
7 years, 1 month ago
Yes, that's something one should stay true to and you do that, which I kind of envy... Sometimes, things drive me off the cliff and I may be like the thing you put as an example, but I sure don't intend that...

We just need our rants at times, it seems. You cope well with them by writing them out, like a shout-out to everybody without addressing people by name or without pointing directly at someone. That's a good attitude by you and I wish I can get closer to that, but keep true to myself.
7 years, 1 month ago
Believe me, it's rough to do.  But the more you experience those moments that normally drive you up the wall, the more you get use to it and react more mature about it.  You know what they say, the more the merrier...wait, that's not it =>.<;=  
"Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger."
7 years, 1 month ago
Yes, yes that's true. You're pretty awesome for that. ^^
7 years, 1 month ago
I'll bring the soundsystem and glowsticks...
7 years, 1 month ago
Growing up involves accepting that you cannot control anything but yourself. Some people, particularly those in positions of power, never learned that or forgot it.
7 years, 1 month ago
Sorry, Ive been god awfully sick for 2 weeks... But yeah, if anyone, I know exactly what you mean... through all of this....
People treat me so poorly... In fact, there are dozens of people that want me in an asylum because they think I believe I am a real cat.
I don't ever want to grow up if I cant be myself ever again...
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