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Election 2016: A Final Retrospective

So there's been a lot of acrimony and ill words on here and... well... everywhere as of late.  I've personally had to reconsider a lot of my watches.  A lot of people I respected on here, I no longer respect.  And that's sad.

We're about a week after the fact.  I'm no less disgusted by an impending Trump presidency, and I'm no more comforted as to his worthiness to serve in the highest office in the nation.  BUT... I think I'm now ready to at least acknowledge why this horrible thing has happened, so that I can be motivated to join the inevitable wave of backlash that I'm sure will be cresting like a typhoon after the next four years.  

So... that being said... here are my thoughts.

Hillary Clinton was a candidate with what, at first glance, would appear to be a sterling resume. Secretary of state, senator, 1st Lady... but with decades of experience comes decades of baggage. And in an era of increased oversight and scrutiny, she was careless and arrogant. She marketed herself towards a youth demographic that, by and large, usually stays home on election day, and neglected the struggling blue-collar worker who was eager to hear good news.

Donald Trump, for all his insurmountable flaws, was at least able to tell people what they wanted to hear.  People are scared that our country has lost its preeeminence (which it has) and must now re-evaluate itself as a player on the world stage (which it does).  But rather than accepting ourselves as partners with other nations on the world stage, most Americans want the US to return to being linchpin and police to the globe.  

I feel like we got sold a song by a man with a long, ruddy history of upselling his own ability where little actually exists.  I don't think he has a logical, rational plan for our nation.  And Pence... well, Pence is just an enormous slap to the face to everything progressive.  Anyone who suggests electroshock and conversion therapy for gays should be ground up and fed to pigs.

As I said, I'm no less disgusted by the results of last week's election.  But, like many progressives who are similarly outraged right now, I am incredibly motivated for the next election cycle.  

I'm giving political discourse and the news a good long sabbatical.  It's poisonous, and only further serves to demonstrate how divided we've become as a country.  

I really hope the next four years won't be as bad as I'm worried they'll be.

If you're a Trump supporter, I acknowledge that you had some genuine grievances that Hillary Clinton didn't address, and I want to be as civil as possible from here on out.  But I still can't rationalize how... after everything Trump has said and done... you thought he would be a good idea.
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Well Agrius, i have Two interesting vids as to why:  

1.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2HljnUpI_A

2.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpEAiX1yVWQ
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