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My last journal about work was about one kind of weapon that the offenders (inmates) use. If you havent read it go and read it because I said so. Ok with that lets move on to todays topic Punishment. Heres the scenario. Your walking the pod (thats were the offenders are housed and live) and you have one come up to you and begin screaming and making threats to you.

Now before you go thinking about on the movies and shows like oz where we beat the living crap out of them with a billy club I need you to stop. The yard I work at does not allow that kind of action unless it is necessary. Quoting policy it states that we can only use the minimum amount of force necessary to control the offender. Basically we can not be the aggressors in the scenario. Now in cell extractions theres a different kind of policy that covers that but I wont go anywhere near that topic yet.

Anyway back on topic there are two ways to handle the scenario without calling backup. 1) You take charge of the conversation (easier said then done if your not experienced) and calm the offender down enough to get him to walk away. You continue your walk around the pod and once complete fill out a misconduct. 2) I would not recommend anyone to do this until they can take charge. You take charge of the situation and get the offender to go to his cell. Once he is in his cell you secure the door and make sure the officer in the control room knows not to access that cell. You can then hold them in that cell for 2hr giving him time to calm down.

Now lemme touch on misconducts real quick so you know what that can do to them. A misconduct is a form that you can fill out for any bad behavior that the offender does. Now they come in three flavors so to speak. You have class B, class A, and my favorite class X. Class B misconducts are the lowest in severity for ex. not tucking in their shirts these cost them $5 per and possibly 30 days of good time. Now if your good at filling out misconducts you can turn all class Bs to Class As. Class A misconducts are medium severity and hurt them far more then a B. An example is attacking another offender. These sting far more then a class B since they can cost $10 per and 90 to 180 good days. Now for my favorite class X. A class X is the most severe offenses they can do for example attacking a staff member. Unlike the previous two classes this one costs them no money per but the other punishments that come with it make up for it. They lose 365 days of good time and spend a mandatory 90 days in segregation. I've personally filled out about 35 class X misconducts in my two years working at the facility.

Well thats the end of this journal hope you learned something
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Added: 8 years, 3 months ago
8 years, 2 months ago
They should just let you taser everyone like cops do. Fight in the mess, round of tasers for everyone. Some guy shanked in the yard, tasered. Didn't say good morning, tasered!
8 years, 2 months ago
Thats what I say but the warden dont want that.
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