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My Mff Sex Tapes

After hanging with a friend for a day and a half and another meet I’m finally officially back from MFF. Well what can I say? First the videos won’t take nearly as long to complete as FCN I can promise you that.
About the con, well it continues to be on par with FCN for me. I don’t know if I’m lucky or what but I just end up meeting a lot of interesting and nice people. For all those who have been so generous to me I say thank you. The room parties the invites including the ones I never ended up making, the booze, the memorable moments including the ones I can’t share online >:). It’s hard for me to adequately compile words to describe how awesome it all was thanks to the friends I have, the new ones I continue to make, especially ones you almost never see or talk to until next con (mostly my fault but there are only so many hours in a day). I just hope it can be said the same for everyone else and that I was pleasant to be around, I know I can come off a little too serious with my sarcasm sometimes. And the hotel was incredible to say the least, best one I can say I attended to.  

To nit pick I suppose there is always the factor I keep in mind that I can never expect to be able to hangout with everyone I want to and some as much as I would of liked to, along with meeting up and hanging out with people you wished you discovered sooner, but hell that is like hoping to find ten gold pieces in a treasure chest only to find a thousand pieces of silver, not really a negative thing.
My real legit complaint was how the staff handled some things. Apparently along with having a problem with furs walking around the hotel lobby (that had a bar inside) carrying booze and carrying bright camera lights (no one fucks with the Sparky blue Fox grrrr! punch), they harassed regular hotel customers for not following con rules as well, guess they were stricter then the hotel staff fuck! Then someone apparently broke up a fur pile (which was not in the way of anything) as if a spontaneous orgy was commencing “Get up now NOW Now I say!”
And is it me or were most of the panels uninspiring? Considering the talent a lot of furs have there should be more performance oriented panels I think. Come on get together with each other and form a band, make a entertaining play, or show. Find people who are competent furry or not doesn’t matter, it’s a con and a fandom where all are welcomed so come on don’t just look inward or we’ll just end up dissipating in the future. I mean imagined how big a con could get if a very big time anything just happens to be playing at the convention.
I didn’t get to interview as many artists as I was hoping to (all of them) and I feel like an ass for not seeing the guests of honor, but there are always more opportunities I suppose. I’m trying my best to not gush too much right now I owes a lot to the people I know for all they have given me. I have a video planned to sum up this con in a stylish and hopefully entertaining way (probably will be done in a week.) So until Furry Connection North, I plan on saving up best I can, sell some books and art, make my way up to visit other furs to just chill and hang for a bit.

Well anyways goodnight and good luck.
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Added: 8 years, 5 months ago
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