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They're all dead

An alternate title for this journal is  "Home for the holidays".

Well, they are all dead and I'm kinda happy that they are weirdly enough. I just regret wasting so much time trying to get it to work. If I could go back in time a year and meet my former self, I'd slap him silly until the very idea of raising chickens flies out of my ears. Apparently, the chicken that escaped out of the basement where we had been keeping it didn't last long outside, as soon as it escaped a hawk got it and I got to see the hawk ripping it up and eating it. So much for that ridiculously failed project, probably one of the worst decisions of my life but I learned some lessons from it so it isn't a complete failure.

It's Christmas time once again and I'm stuck at my house. Actually, I've been stuck here for about a week already and I'll probably be here another week until New Years. I'll catch hell for not being around like I got for even mentioning to my family that I had other work that I needed to do around Thanksgiving that my family themselves were preventing me from doing at home. So I'm kinda obligated to be stuck around here during the holidays and put up with all the usual crap of my family, especially my siblings.

I come home to find that my eldest brother has been stealing some of the few belongings I have at my house and was wanting to pawn them off for money for Christmas gifts (which knowing him probably means buying pot so he can get high). It doesn't look like he's managed to pawn anything yet but it's a good thing I came home when I did otherwise I'm tired of putting up with this crap enough to go down into town and file a police report. But then something funny happened, pissed me off more but I laughed. My eldest brother was borrowing some games from a friend of his that my middle brother then stole off him. I lol'd, a thief throwing a temper tantrum over stuff he borrowed getting stolen. Sure, that only made me angrier because that showed he didn't have any qualms about stealing other peoples' belonging but then raises such a fuss about property in his possession getting stolen. And yet my family still wonders and even takes offense to why I keep most of belongings, especially the valuable ones, at Professor Awesome's house.

Regardless of all that crap, I had to go home anyway. I needed to get a little book I've been keeping at my house of all the references I've accumulated for using on job applications. I left it at home last time I went out to Professor Awesomes when I was in a rush to get out of the house while I had an opportunity to get out while no one was around to argue with me. I also needed to get a hexagon wrench from the house as well that I was keeping at Professor Awesome's house that accidentally I took back home after doing some maintenance on the art desk I have at his house.

I stayed a little longer at Professor Awesome's house than I should have last week but he needed some help taking his cats to the vet so they could give them all worm medicine. He's had the medicine for a while now but giving it to the cats is not something we are very good at all. It's not fun whatsoever so we made a few trips into town taking the cats down. He needed someone to hold a cat for each trip to save him some time and gas since he only has one small cat carrier so I went a long and held some of the cats. I dealt with the most lovable and easy-going ones, one of which has a strange fascination with me and follows me everywhere when I am at Professor Awesome's house and talks to me occasionally. Unfortunately, I can't understand cat.

I was almost able to finish getting DD59 done at his house but I had to return home yet again. I'm pretty much done penciling the backgrounds and I just need to pencil in the characters and then off to ink and coloring. I doubt I'll be able to get it done at my house but I figured that if an opportunity did arise, I couldn't take advantage of it without the page in my possession. If I do get it done here then great but otherwise it probably won't be until early January that I can get it done. If I do manage to follow through with some of the changes that I'm planning for my life next year, I should be able to make a lot more pages with the time I have and I don't think I'll be going back to my house much at all.

Besides working on current story material for Demordicai Diamonds in my head (countries and politics is fun!), there isn't a whole lot else going on. Winter has been fairly decent this year with barely any snow and the temperature has been warmer than usual but I worry about the coming months. Professor Awesome has gotten into a game called World of Tanks that I may give it a go once I return to his house. Who knows, maybe I'll get a chance to escape again earlier after Christmas but before New Years and get out of here early.

But for now, it looks like I'm stuck here another week so don't expect much out of me until 2012 finally rolls around.

Have a merry Christmas everyone! (or whatever you celebrate).
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Added: 7 years, 5 months ago
7 years, 5 months ago
So... chickens in basement, bad idea. Thanks, will remember that in case wife gets ideas.

This Prof Awesome sounds worthy of the name. Good luck in the escape, and be sure to take any remaining kleptables with you!
7 years, 5 months ago
Yeah, chickens in the basement could have worked out better but we have a big hole in our outside basement door that just so happens to be perfectly chicken-sized. All it takes is someone going into the basement and forgetting to cover it back up when they're done to let a chicken out.

Professor Awesome is probably my closest friend in real life though he isn't an actual professor. He got that nickname from another friend of mine a few years back and it just stuck. It sucks that I can't do any art at all at my house but I'm glad that I can just go to his house to finally have some peace and quiet and be able to work without being constantly being interrupted or pestered. I'll definitely be having a large shipment of my belonging to bring over there and stash next time I go back in a few more days. I'm definitely taking my new camcorder over, I'm not letting that get broken like how my siblings busted the last one.
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