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Remember SOPA?

Remember SOPA?

Well, while SOPA is on the back burner, we present new evidence - from an old insider - as to why these laws are stupid and SHOULD NOT BE PASSED.

http://www.search.com/music  (CBS's own Search.com Music Search)

Today Kazaa is a PAID SERVICE, and look at this:

All the muic on their FRONT PAGE is copyrighted!!

Therefore, those folks in Hollywood that want SOPA to pass so they can SHUT DOWN the INTERNET completely actually STARTED the large amounts of PIRACY by actively providing the tools to make it EASY!!

CNet (which is owned and operated by CBS)  Held all the downloads, after testing and verification of them, EXCLUSIVELY.
Then CNet Branded all those downloads to the other players in Hollywood (almost all of them trying to pass SOPA behind our backs) - who all MADE A PROFIT from people downloading the software from CNet.

When you search "File Sharing" on CNet's Download.com, uTorrent, BitTorrent, BitComet, and FrostWire ALL show up on the front page.

FrostWires Support Page includes a video, showing you how to search for COPYRIGHTED MUSIC:

Proof, Brandon Hines' Music is Copyright Heir Music and Revel Records.

Yet, its on CBS's own site??

And yes, CNNet owns ZDNet and allowed their "partners" to post the SAME reviews showing people how to search for COPYRIGHTED MUSIC and which software yeilded the BEST RESULTS!!

Another amusing take on SOPA:

As per Michael Mozart's request, here are my backup copies of his video:

Don't get me wrong.  I agree piracy is wrong and users should legally purchase (or obtain) the music, movies, shows, and software they like.
But the DMCA is already being abused to censor videos of kids singing Karaoke, and many other abuses from Hollywood.
SOPA would destroy the internet completely by giving Corporate Heads complete control of what websites they will allow to remain online, and it is an INTERNATIONAL threat of our RIGHTS.
Imagine the internet without YouTube, XTube, FurAffinity, DA, SoFurry, InkBunny, Paypal, and even the loss of eBay!!
Such violations of the US Constituion could ultimately destroy our already vragile economy!!

Its bad when Weird Al makes fun of the issue by making "Don't Download This Song" and putting it up for public download off his own site - which he did years ago.
(How would he know of all those services when many of us were just learning about them? - Song was made in 2006.)

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