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NEW Weight Gain Drive: Rourkie! / Holiday Orgy Picture Slots still available!

First off, I'm also pleased to say that through all of your generous donations so far, my poor rabbit is going to be very shortly losing his career as a basketball player**!!! Shame on you!!

Here are his current stats:
Weight Gain Drive - Lance Wildfyre

Current Weight: 448 lbs ($191.00)

WOW. He's over doubled his weight. x.x Definitely a career ending situation. Thanks guys!

Now, at this point I AM going to close down the Lance donation fund. If he gets much bigger, he's not going to be much fun to draw, and you've already earned yourselves roughly 9-11 pictures of fat, fat rabbit. UNLESS... you really wanna see him get bigger. All his friends are worried about him, so it's going to be tougher for that to happen, but I'm sure he's developed some pretty poor eating habits at this point, so if you want me to continue, he'll keep gaining weight at $2 per pound.

You can see the first two sketches for the series here:

I plan on coloring these and producing full story snippets for each picture so I promise you wont be disappointed. There may even be some guest pictures to go along with them.

**(Non-canon, sorry! You can still enjoy this alternate universe, though!)


That having been said, due to overwhelming popular request, I am opening a new weight gain drive recipient:


Weight Gain Drive - Rourke Danyals

Current Weight: 216 lbs ($0.00)

Yes, if you've ever wanted to fatten up the musicat now is your chance. Same rules apply as the previous drive, except from now through the end of the year, THERE WILL BE NO UPPER LIMIT. Yes, while I was uncomfortable with how heavy Lance was getting, if you REALLY wanna fatten Rourkie up that bad, I'm not going to stop you. Once the new year begins, we'll see where he's at and go from there, but I really, really wanna get my car repaired before then, so I appreciate all your support thusfar!

For every $1 donated to this drive, Rourkie will gain 1 pound. Any donation over $15 lbs counts as a "binge", and the musicat will gain another 5 lbs on top of that. Conversely, any donation over $30 lbs, and he'll have had a "party weekend", putting on anywhere between 10 and 15 lbs on top of the gained weight.

I'm also offering the $20 gets you 25 donation lbs AND an orgy slot deal, too (see below), so if you want to contribute to the cause AND get a great holiday treat, here's your opportunity!

At each milestone (roughly 20-25 lbs) I'll draw a high res, full-color picture of Rourkie showing off the extra weight, and putting him in a precarious situation because of it. If there's a lot of donations or interest, I may draw a couple of "inbetween" sketches for your amusement.

As always, all donations must be sent by paypal to: rourkedanyals@gmail.com
Be sure to mention it's for the gaining drive, just so I can apply the appropriate amount of weight!

Lastly, as before, from now until at least the end of the month, for any commission you buy, half of the proceeds will count toward the donation drive. So if you buy $30 worth of art, Rourkie gains another 15 lbs. This counts for any transactions between now and the end of the month. Including the project listed below:


Group Orgy Picture

I'm still taking slots for the Winter Wonderland holiday group orgy!

$15 gets you a slot, or $25 for two slots (both for you, or for you and a friend if you wanna go halvsies). I am expanding this to 12 slots for now. Will be posing this picture out in the next two days, so you're going to have to hop in soon if you want a piece of the holiday cheer!

I'm also still offering the $20 gets you 25 donation lbs AND an orgy slot deal, too, so if you want to contribute to the cause AND get a great holiday treat, here's your opportunity!

No holds barred in terms of gender/species/size, though keep in mind most of my watchers tend to like chubbier folk. I'll draw nearly anything, so long as it doesn't interrupt the overall mood of the picture. If there's someone you wanna be paired up with, I can accommodate that too. Just let me know, and we'll go from there.

Moreover, these slots count toward the gaining drive above, so if you want to see Rourkie get fatter and get in on a fun group orgy, sign up in the comments below:

1. ironchef
2. Xorin
3. lavin
4. lavin
5. xaviust
6. xaviust
7. kitcougar
8. bpstuart
9. aldi

Paypal is rourkedanyals@gmail.com . Payment is required up front. Please indicate your FA username so I can apply the credit appropriately.
Lastly, I might be streaming some more work tonight. I'll let you know via twitter (@rourkie) if this is so, as well as a quick note here on IB.

Thanks again for all your support, guys! I really appreciate it in this time of need!
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