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Why does this shit keep happening? (Mini-Rant but IMPORTANT)

Ugh, I HATE my mate's dad. The place we are renting with Sio's parents because they keep taking his money for their bills...? Yeah, well, it doesn't allow pets. Sio's dad? Has a dog he's kept hidden from the landlady.


And as for the dog, I feel so so sooooo terrible for it. She is slowly being killed by the fucktard. She is a Shitzu, right? Y'know, the breed known for being beautiful little lap dogs with luxurious fur? Not in this case. Her fur is cut short, tail always matted, strange bumps that occasionally bleed all over her skin, she is so overweight that she has to waddle to move. Her front have nearly touches the ground while the back half is lifted just a bit. There was another dog too -- she was so old she shat and pissed all over the place and would get beat or yelled at about it. She is gone now, taken to the pound to be euthanized. Back to the dog at hand; she never gets any exercise, she is ed table scraps from EVERY MEAL THEY EVER HAVE NO MATTER HOW UNHEALTHY OR DANGEROUS IT IS TO DOGS. They've even tried to bath her in diluted PINE SOL and other chemicals when she had fleas. I just.. ugh... I hate watching it. I never say anything due to not wanting to be kicked out but really people? You're killing the poor thing...

Rant 2 (Important):

Okay! SO now that I am done with that... There have been complaints all around the trailer park (yes we are stuck in a terrible trailer) about people having pets and the landlady caught whiff of it. Now? She is sending out notices to get rid of the cats/dogs/etc or be evicted.

Guess what my mate's fucktard dad chose.  The dog.

So now we are moving out on the 1st with no idea on where to go; my plans for starting college on January 2nd have been ruined which sucks because I was accepted and everything and just waiting on the finalization o my FAFSA. We don't even know where we are going to go.. I mean, Sio and I didn't want to stay here but we didn't want to leave like this... Even Sio's mom is pissed about it. Just because the dog was Sio's Dad's father's, doesn't mean he has to keep her -- especially how she is treated (see Rant 1).


Landlady gave everyone who has pets a choice to get rid of them because they are not allowed or to be evicted. Sio's fucktard dad chose his poorly treated dog. We are all having to move out on January 1st with no idea on where we are going. My plans for college are ruined. And so fourth so fourth.

Woo... *twirls finger sarcastically*
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7 years, 6 months ago
>_< that is so mean of him
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