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Tips or Remedies? Antibiotics GET!

A few days ago, I went out into the luke warm night air for my mother. Came back and started feeling really tired, I flopped onto the couch in the front room with the big window and fell asleep without any covers except for two little couch pillows.
When I woke up I was ice from top to bottom, shivering and chattering so I tossed myself into a hot shower and felt much nicer.

Until I got out.

I was confused at how dizzy and cold I still felt. The only way to describe this bone deep feeling was that of a pile of hot sick meat. I whipped out the thermometer and there it was: 101.1 F

I'd just GOTTEN OVER something allergy related and now I'm dealing with this JUST AS my sister, BABY(!) nephew and two nieces are visiting from South Caroline for the Holidays?

I can't touch anything.

I can't spend time with anyone.

I can't even sit at the dinner table as I am right now.

But the worst thing about the whole sickness are my EARS!

They're both so clogged! I can barely hear. I've looking up online remedies.

I've peroxided them more than a few times, used a squeezy thing to shoot warm water into them to try and rinse them out, I've even eaten a jalapeno pickle to get mucus flowing and then lay an ear on top of a heating pad to try and drain it.

A little leakage occurred but it was short lived. It's all connected to my throat I know, which hurts pretty bad.

Anyone else ever have this problem and/or have any tips on how to remedy or cure this?

( Also no, Doctor is not an option. I've used all my commission money for bills and rent. And since being sick I haven't got a chance to work on them much, so I couldn't clear the way to take on more and make more money. )




Found a family member with some left over antibiotics that'll treat what I have.

Big warm thank you to Caerdwyn who is a very good shining person in a cold and crowded internet.
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Added: 7 years, 4 months ago
7 years, 4 months ago
Sending your stuff out this week! I need Zer's address so I can send her her awesome Joker postcard
7 years, 4 months ago
why don´t you use one of this medicine pages, where you can type in your symptoms to get a list of possible diseases. if you know what exactly you got, you can search for the right medicine.
7 years, 4 months ago
It sucks getting sick, like you I just kinda go thru it and lay around alot. Tea with honey sugar and whiskey will help to clear your lungs some. I'm not sure of any thing otc to really help you get over this nasty stuff. hugs
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